Scouting the ‘Skins' Defensive Line

John Keim breaks down the Redskins' situation on the defensive line.

Starters: Phillip Daniels, Cornelius Griffin, Kedric Golston, Andre Carter

Top reserves: Renaldo Wynn, Anthony Montgomery, Joe Salave'a

Strengths: The line is as professional a group as you'll find; very hardworking and dedicated. When healthy, they should be at least solid against the run. Griffin commands double teams when he's on his game and Daniels is very strong at the point of attack. Golston has a high motor. Carter did everything the coaches asked him to last year; they were highly pleased with his performance. He started to show pass-rushing skills late in the year.

Weaknesses: Age and injuries. Daniels and Griffin consistently have played with injuries that were beyond nagging and it impacted their performance. Both have a recent history of such seasons. Carter remains questionable against the run and Golston is likely best served as a No. 3 tackle. There's a chance Salave'a won't make the roster; he's often hurt. Montgomery has a chance to be decent; but he must still learn to play with a lower base.

Outlook: The Redskins need to somehow apply more pressure with this group, something it is not really equipped to do. Carter offers some hope, but even he is limited as a rusher. I worry that this group can maintain a high level of play given age and injuries. If all goes well, they'll be solid.

Better than 2006?: No. On one hand, a case can be made that they will be better because Daniels and Griffin are healthy. I'll grant that. But the problem is, they haven't shown they can stay healthy enough times to think that will happen in 2007. The chance for improvement comes in the development of the young players. That could be asking a lot.

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