Camp Day 1: Who's Hot and Who's Not

John Keim breaks down a few players and why they were Hot.... Or Not...

Who's Hot:

Receiver Mike Espy had a good day. Espy beat corner John Eubanks on a fly down the left side, hauling in a pass from Jordan Palmer and drawing, ''Oooo's'' from the crowd. One fan yelled, ''Thatta boy Mississippi! Thatta boy!''

A bit later, he grabbed a pass from Mark Brunell on a slant.

Who's Not:

Quarterback Jason Campbell did not have a great first practice. His first pass in the seven on seven should have been intercepted by Sean Taylor, but it was dropped. He had other passes tipped or not thrown accurately enough. He did have a few nice throws, but such is his life when he must now be more consistent. That's how he will be judged.

Also, right tackle Jon Jansen allowed Renaldo Wynn to go right past him on one play, getting to Jason Campbell.

Also, guard William Whitticker, subbing for injured Randy Thomas, allowed Cornelius Griffin to go past him. Whitticker is someone to watch, but from what we hear he's not a real option at left guard.

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