Safety Dance... Landry Agrees to Terms?

Safety Dance........... Has Landry's contract stepped on Taylor's toes?

LaRon Landry has reportedly agreed to terms with the Redskins on a 5 year deal worth a possible $41.5m if all escalators and incentives are met.

The deal also reportedly contains $17.5m in various bonuses. So will the deal for the Redskins latest first round safety sensation, cause Sean Taylor to feel undervalued and demanding a new contract?

We don't think so. Let's look at both the contracts.

First, keep in mind that when Taylor signed his rookie contract in 2004 the NFL salary cap was $81.7m. This season Washington's adjusted NFL cap number is $109.7m, and increase of over 34%. There also inflationary factors to take into account.

In 2004, Taylor received a 7 year deal that, with escalators that could make the deal worth up to $40 million over the first 6 years, while the seventh year can be voided. The escalators are based on playing time, performance and Pro Bowl or All-Pro selections. Taylor also received various bonus payments totalling just over $13m – including a $7.2 million signing bonus.

So Taylor's 6 year deal could be worth $40m – an average of $6.67m per year.

Landry's possible $41.5m contract value on his 5 year deal averages out to $8.3m per year – that's a 24% increase over Taylor's contract.

The bonus payments Landry is set to receive in his contract ($17.5m) represents a 34% increase over Taylor – ironically the same percentage increase as the NFL salary cap over the past 4 years.

Also remember that Taylor becomes eligible for free agency – and his big pay day - after 2009, when the cap will have increased further and player contract values increased dramatically. Landry won't get a shot at a new deal until 2012 if he plays out his rookie contract.

Having said all this it would be no surprise if Taylor gets a new contract from Washington before his current one expires, but I doubt he demands one now based on Landry's soon to be signed deal.

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