Camp Report: Day 4 A.M.

Who is turning out to be Jason Campbell's favorite receiver? And what linebackers are already being targeted for Gregg Williams' verbal barbs?

Landry update: Safety LaRon Landry has agreed to a deal, as everyone now knows. He's expected at Redskins Park this afternoon, but will not practice because he can't do so until he signs the papers. There's a chance Landry might address the media after practice – if he's done signing the papers.

Who's hot: Receiver Mike Espy. Seems like every time we look up he's making a play. Espy said he's been more involved in the offense, even with the first team, during practice than he was a year ago. This morning, Espy made a lunging grab in the corner of the end zone on a Jason Campbell pass.

Who's not: H.B. Blades and Dallas Sartz. The two rookie linebackers have hurt themselves – literally and figuratively – by missing practices because of cramps. Gregg Williams walked off the field and loudly reminded his players that guys who aren't practicing are getting passed by others. Williams is annoyed that they weren't taking care of their bodies enough by replenishing fluids.

Raving about: Sean Taylor. The safety is 20 pounds lighter and has looked good, and seems to be more around the ball than ever before. Williams said Taylor returned from the Pro Bowl with a slightly different attitude than before, having been around so many top players. Word around the Park is that Taylor seems to have matured. We'll see.

Picks: Shawn Springs intercepted Jordan Palmer, who then threw another pick a couple passes later. His pass bounced off running back Marcus Mason's fingertips and Omar Stoutmire was there for the interception. And safety Reed Doughty made a pick of another deflection. Mark Brunell's pass was behind receiver Carl Berman and the ball bounced into Doughty's diving hands.

Combo: Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley should make quite a pair this season. They have consistently connected in practice as the QB seems to have a good rapport with the fourth-year tight end. Cooley made another grab down the middle this morning. He has run more downfield routes than in the past.

DL Update: Second-year Anthony Montgomery still hasn't shown us much. He's very big in the middle because of his 6-foot-6 frame, but he still plays too upright. He does have power, but his feet aren't all that quick. Any plays he makes will be from strength.

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