Chris Samuels Injured: Updated 7:15 P.M.

Chris Samuels was carted off the practice field in the afternoon session of today's practice.

Sources at Redskins park say that his leg was rolled up on during practice.

Early reports from team personnel are that it is a sprained knee. They also report it is a MILD sprain.

Official word will come later when the doctors get to Redskins Park and examine him.

7:00 P.M. Update:

Chris Samuels sprained the MCL in his right knee and has been taken to get an MRI. The Redskins should have an update around 8 p.m. as to the severity.

From the man himself:

"I'm OK. I didn't feel anything pop. It's just a sprain ... I thought it was over with for the season [when it happened], but the Good Lord blessed me. I know that I'm fine."

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