Whispers: Who is this new #21

Safety Sean Taylor is a changed man, say people at Redskins Park.

OK, we're not talking a complete transformation, but they do say it appears as if he's really started to mature.

They say Taylor appears more comfortable with his responsibilities, including that of being a professional athlete and how he must work. There's a belief that Taylor's getting to the Pro Bowl and being around so many top players has helped increase his desire to consistently make it to Hawaii.

There's also a monetary incentive. Now that LaRon Landry is signed, some out here wonder how that will impact Taylor. Landry's deal is obviously more lucrative than the one Taylor signed in 2004. But now the thought is that Taylor is motivated perhaps to have a big year, then possibly seek to redo his original deal.

That's not a fact, just a feeling at Redskins Park.

Being more mature could help Taylor have the kind of season he needs to ask for such a move.

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