Training Camp Report: Day 5: Landry Arrives!

A surprise player stepped in for Chris Samuels. And what DB made the best interception today? It's not who you think.

Surprise sight: Stephon Heyer lined up at left tackle most of the time with the first unit, replacing the injured Chris Samuels. That was surprising given that Jason Fabini was on the roster and has started 114 games, most at left tackle. But Heyer has outplayed him thus far and the Redskins want to give him the first shot.

Heyer fared well today, save for the false start on his first play in the 11-on-11 work. But he did not do anything to embarrass himself. Taylor Whittley also spent time there, but was not overly impressive. And Fabini has not looked all that good at guard, where he seems to get stood up often. Andre Carter went through him one time while he was at guard.

Just in case: The Redskins will use Fabini at tackle if Heyer can't cut it and if they think Samuels will miss all four weeks. Right now, the feeling is that Samuels will return sooner rather than later. Todd Wade is another possibility, but Fabini would get the nod ahead of him. They would prefer Wade get as much work as possible at left guard.

Who's hot: Corner Jerametrius Butler had the play of the day. Well, at least one of them. On a Todd Collins pass down the left sideline, Butler had receiver Burl Toler smothered and then made a diving interception into the end zone.... Receiver James Thrash continues to catch everything thrown his way. He's a true pro, still, and a reliable target for Jason Campbell.

Landry debut: LaRon Landry had to do 40 up-downs to pass the Gregg Williams conditioning test and did so -- with the help of a few secondary mates, who joined in. Even Steve Jackson jumped in for a couple, though he couldn't convince Williams to do the same. Landry showed his physical side, shedding a blocker once in an inside running drill.

He did nothing spectacular, but he did not screw up in glaring fashion either. And you should see the man without his shirt on; hard to believe any of his teammates are more sculpted than Landry. Thus ends the man crush portion of this report.

Out: Running back Clinton Portis did not practice because of tendonitis in his knee. There was some swelling so the Redskins are being cautious with him. Randy Thomas did some individual work for the first time since the first practice.

Pointed comment: After a blocking drill in which both lines went at each other, DT Anthony Montgomery shoved Wade, who shoved back. This prompted DL coach Greg Blache to shout at Montgomery, ''Don't [bleepin] push anybody!'' Crowd favorite: Every time Mike Sellers gets the ball, the fans in attendance get a bit amped, enjoying his display of strength. Sellers did it again today, ramming through the line and emerging from a mini-scrum.

Best play: The Redskins ran a flea flicker and it ended with Campbell hitting Antwaan Randle El in the end zone for a diving score, though corner Shawn Springs disputed the catch. Of course, he was beaten on the play. One fan yelled to Randle El, ''That's why we gave you the big money!''

Timing belt: Again, the more Campbell throws, the better he's getting. On one route today, receiver Carl Berman turned to the outside, where the ball was waiting for him. Corner Carlos Rogers never had a chance.

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