Training Camp Report: August 1

Jason Campbell made a play at another position. Is Simeon Rice headed to Washington? And how did Stephon Heyer look today?

Trickery: Quarterback Jason Campbell showed he could play another position -- receiver. Tonight, running back Ladell Betts took a handoff running to the right. He then stopped and threw back to Campbell down the left sidelines. Campbell made a leaping catch with a defensive lineman in front of him. Coach Joe Gibbs, when asked if Campbell could be a receiver laughed, stammered and then said, "I would say, no."

Bad day: Corner Ade Jimoh has made lots of strides as a special teams player, becoming a valuable part of that unit. But he still can't play a ball in the air. Tonight, Campbell threw a fade into the end zone to Antwaan Randle El with Jimoh in perfect position. The play had no chance. But Jimoh should have made the interception, except that when he turned he made an awkward grab at it and the ball fell incomplete. Later, Jimoh was badly beaten by receiver Kyle Brown.

No interest: Despite what Simeon Rice told reporters in New York, the Redskins have no interest in him. Period.

Good play: Campbell made a nice pass down the left side, splitting defensive backs Jimoh and Vernon Fox. Receiver Brandon Lloyd was there for the grab. Those two hooked up in the end zone later in the workout. Lloyd went outside; corner Carlos Rogers went inside. Guess where the ball went? Lloyd made the easy catch.

Sidelined: Running back Clinton Portis will continue to rest his sore right knee. Not sure when he'll return, though it's day to day. When director of sports medicine Bubba Tyer was asked if Portis would play in the scrimmage, he smiled, turned to some veteran reporters and said, "What do you think?" Here was the unanimous reply, "No!" The Redskins have a slight concern about the injury, but they do have fantastic depth at this position. Also, receiver Santana Moss did not do much today because of a sore leg/groin. Linebacker Marcus Washington took this morning off, but worked tonight.

Hurt: Defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin sprained his ankle during an individual drill, rolling it as he turned to high-five DL coach Greg Blache after running in and out of blocking bags. It did not appear to be serious considering he remained on the field through the rest of practice. But he did not take part in the team drills. Coach Joe Gibbs said it wasn't serious.

Cool treat: Redskins lineman Jon Jansen, or, more accurately, his wife, ordered a batch of chocolate milkshakes for the offensive line from a place in Chicago called Whitey's. They arrived today. Seems they make a fantastic milkshake; we're hoping to get a taste next week. Which leads us to an amusing story about the milkshakes Marty Schottenheimer purchased for the team in Carlisle.

Jansen went to Schottenheimer and told him the team was not asking for lighter practices or anything like that, but could he at least do something for them like, say, buy milkshakes. Schottenheimer looked him dead in the eye and said, "But what flavors would I buy?" Marty was too worried about the details. And when we asked him why he picked chocolate and vanilla that day, Marty gave a long answer as to his thought process. We were just joking.

Reality check: Left tackle Stephon Heyer might be the new starter at left tackle, at least temporarily, but he's still a rookie. So as he trudged to the locker room this morning, he did so carrying the shoulder pads of Randy Thomas and Jansen.

First pick: Rookie safety LaRon Landry made an interception in the morning workout, picking off Campbell on an out route. Landry made a nice break on the ball and it was one of the few times Campbell did not complete that pass.

Bad sight: End Jamaal Green completely drilled Stephon Heyer backwards in a one-on-one blocking drill. Green also looked good in a full-team drill, preventing a Rock Cartwright run wide. But don't worry about Heyer; he looked pretty good again during the team drills. He got out quick on a screen on one play, taking out defensive backs Fred Smoot and Pierson Prioleau.

What does it say?: Heyer seems to consistently get the best of Andre Carter. Who does that say more about? Our fear is that it says more about No. 99. But Heyer has controlled him.

Not sold on: Guard William Whitticker. The guy seems to get stood up all the time. Reminds me of my early dating career.

Big hit: DL Lorenzo Alexander completely knocked G Jason Fabini on his behind during a full-team drill. Fabini has struggled in camp.

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