Training Camp Report: August 3

How are the backup QB's doing? What do we expect from the scrimmage? What is going on at the backup OL spots? It's all right here...

Prep: Most of the practice was devoted to going over plays for the Baltimore scrimmage. Though it seemed unusual to some observers, it's actually something the Redskins have done in the past. Some are anxious to read into anything that might be new this preseason compared to last year. But if the Redskins gave a big whoop about this scrimmage, they would likely play most of the starters on the offensive line. Instead, from what we hear, all but Todd Wade will sit this one out. And, of course, Stephon Heyer.

Jiggle: Guard William Whitticker once excited the Redskins because he was such a good athlete for a guy his size. Now his size works against him. We noticed that as he pulled around left end today, his belly was working as hard as his feet. That's not a good sign, folks.

New guy: Now, instead of Whitticker, it's Taylor Whitley that the Redskins like. The fifth-year Whitley has worked at tackle and guard. Of course, they like Stephon Heyer, too. He hit the weights hard after minicamp and it's paid off. Some players doubted he'd even make it to training camp based on his spring performances. One thing he does very well is listen to what Joe Bugel wants. That takes players a long way.

They're out: CB Jerametrius Butler (Hamstring), TE Tyler Ecker (Groin), WR Mike Espy (Knee), RB Clinton Portis (Knee), T Chris Samuels (Knee), LB Dallas Sartz (Hamstring), FB Pete Schmitt (Shoulder).

What to expect: The Redskins anticipate getting about 30 plays in the scrimmage. Typically, each side gets at least three possessions of 10 plays each. Depending on the day, they'll often go with four possessions.

Still clicking: The Redskins really do expect/hope that Chris Cooley will catch around 80 passes. That was the prediction of one coach before camp opened and after a week of practice, it's hard to believe that thought would change. Cooley and Jason Campbell connect on a daily basis. The seam route appears to be their favorite. It seems to work every time.

Work in progress: Quarterback Jordan Palmer might beat out Casey Bramlet for the No. 4 job, but that only gets you to the end of camp. It's really hard to believe that Palmer would unseat Todd Collins for the No. 3 job, given that Palmer often struggles to complete deep balls when there's no defense on the field. That's what took place today. Our prediction is that he lands on the practice squad and they re-evaluate him next summer.

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