Five Questions with: Antwaan Randle El

The Redskins' wideout is having, along with James Thrash, the best camp of any receivers. He's anxious for more opportunities this year.

Q: What do you think about the prognosticators being down on the Redskins? A: That's fine. Fine. Count us out. Let us lay below the radar. We'll worry about us, that's the biggest thing, what we can do and where we can go. We're hungry. Since we lost that last game, it's been a big thing to get back on the field and get going.

Q: Will there be more opportunities downfield? A: Overall for everybody. Last year we struggled early up front and then we didn't get into a rhythm with the quarterback. That stripped everything of what we wanted to do. We had to go back to the basics last year, and not solely because of the line. A lot of things weren't in synch with that. The glue wasn't there. We're coming together much more on a precise level than last year.

Q: Will the opportunities stem from positioning, routes or just more throws downfield? A: It's all of that. It's positioning; it's opportunities on certain plays. We switched quarterbacks halfway through and Mark was comfortable with Santana. That's what he knew. Me and Brandon had only been here so long to work with him and we didn't have that glue. When Jason came in it was up for grabs because he was new. There was so much in this offense we didn't have the opportunity to show because we had to cut back and limit a lot of things. Even when Mark was in there starting out, no one had the offense down like we wanted to have it down. You question yourself as you ran your routes. I would expect the numbers will now be up for all of us.

Q: Did you feel you didn't get a chance to show what you were about last year? A: I didn't. It's not an excuse, but at the same time as an offense, we did not move. Everyone's numbers were down and the opportunities were down. There weren't a lot of long drives and we weren't putting a lot of points on the board. When we got to the point where we had to cut back on a lot of things, it crossed a lot of people out from having opportunities. I do expect more this year because of the way we've opened up the playbook with Jason.

Q: Did you and Brandon talk about what happened last year to both of you? A: Oh, yeah. It was crazy. We talked about that last year like, ‘What is going on?' I felt like every time we got it corrected, something else broke down. I'm thankful for it; it's part of growing up and it's why I truly think it will help us out this year.

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