Clinton Portis: "Recovery is going well."

Clinton Portis spoke a bit about his tendenitis on Wednesday, August 8th.

RB Clinton Portis said his recovery from knee tendinitis is going well.
"I'm feeling good. So hopefully (I'll return) sometime soon," Portis said Wednesday.

"I don't know when. We did a lot today. We're going to see if it flares up tomorrow and see how it does. We really pushed it in the weight room and out here running around. I did more stuff today than I usually do. Riding the bike, exercising and everything else. We're going to see tomorrow if it flares up. Next week I have a couple days to relax and get treatment and hopefully next week I'll feel much better."

Now while Clinton is saying all the right things here, some people seem to think Clinton might be damaged goods. The injuries do seem to happen more often than not lately.

Now, in fairness, Portis IS a Running Back and most Running Backs seem to have a tendency to get beat up at times.

Some might wonder if perhaps the Denver Bronco O-Line is a factor in his injury status. Stats tend to show that the Denver OL is a much better run blocking unit for Portis than the Redskins' OL has been for him.

But here are the stats, so you can be your own judge on that:

2002 (Denver): 5.5 Yards per Rush, 11 20+ Yard Runs
2003 (Denver): 5.5 Yards per Rush, 13 20+ Yard Runs
2004 (Washington): 3.8 Yards per Rush, 5 20+ Yard Runs
2005 (Washington): 4.3 Yards per Rush, 6 20+ Yard Runs
2006 (Washington): 4.1 Yards per Rush, 3 20+ Yard Runs

So the question is, is Clinton Portis "Injury Prone", if there is such a thing, or, is it the Denver OL, or, is it something else?

Personally, I don't feel like there is such a thing as "Injury Prone" as I think it is more of a product of the environment. And, I don't think it has anything to do with the O-Line differences, and here is why:

Here is a list of his injuries and games missed out of sixteen possible starts, by year, so you can be the judge for your self:

2002 (No Games Missed): No Injuries
2003 (3 Games Missed): Bruised Chest, Heel, Ankle, Knee
2004 (1 Game Missed): Pectoral
2005 (No Games Missed): Pectoral, Calf
2006 (8 Games Missed): Shoulder, Ankle, Hand

So in my opinion, Portis' injuries have to do with "something else." He got just as many injuries in Denver as he has in D.C. In fact, just from a count perspective, he had just about an equal number of injuries while on each team. But he missed more games in Washington due to the Shoulder injury in 2006 forcing him to miss half the season.

But why does Portis seem to get injured a lot?

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