Five Questions with: Gregg Williams

Here are some questions and answers from Coach Gregg Williams:

Q: You have some more experienced guys along the line who have battled injuries the past couple years. Did you feel you were rolling the dice by not addressing the line in the offseason?

A: No, they've done very well. We have a good group of young and old guys in there.

Q: One of those players, Andre Carter, finished strong last year. Is that a realistic indicator of what he can do this year?

A: I think it's realistic. I really hope the improvement continues and we're seeing that right now. When he got here, because he had played a hybrid position last year in San Francisco, he struggled with his footwork, struggled with his hand placement. He struggled with the commitment of being a fulltime end again. He really made strides from midseason on, just being comfortable with his technique. When you remove all that clutter upstairs of overthinking and now you're just playing hard, he's one of the most highly conditioned people I've been around. His motor races as hot the last play of the game as it does at the start of the game. I believe you'll see a huge breakout year for him. He has to stay healthy.

Q: How badly do you need to increase the sack total?

A: We have to improve. You have to have negative yardage plays defensively. It's not only sacks, but takeaways. We have to get big plays on defense to set up our offense. Our offense two years ago was the No. 1 offense operating on the short field. We didn't give them any short fields last year.

Q: Joe Salave'a and Renaldo Wynn worked out in Las Vegas this offseason. How has it paid off?

A: They don't need a lot of babysitting in the offseason. They'll do what they know their body needs to be so they're ready to go in training camp. It was nice to see Coach Gibbs give them the freedom to do those things and they've come to camp and they handled their part of the agreement with coach because they came to camp in shape and in the right frame of mind.

Q: What kind of camp is Anthony Montgomery having?

A: He had a great offseason. He had to learn how to work. He had to come here and learn how to push himself. He did a very good job, one of our top attendance guys in the offseason. He put himself in a position where he could battle through those fatigue things that he had a tough time with last year. All young guys do that. We have some young guys battling through some fatigue stuff. He came into camp in much better shape. He's having a good productive camp.

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