Training Camp Report: August 13

John Keim reports on training camp from August 13th, the first practice since the win in Tennessee.

Signed: The Redskins signed receiver Todd Pinkston, though coach Joe Gibbs said it wasn't a message to anyone (read: Brandon Lloyd). They signed Pinkston because they think he can make the roster.

"It was more at this point seeing someone we thought could add to the team,'' Gibbs said.

"It's someone else you'd like to see with your guys that you think would have a chance to make the team.'' The 6-foot-3 Pinkston could be another deep threat, though, like Lloyd, he's not much for anything other than deep perimeter routes.

The Redskins also signed defensive tackle Matthias Askew, who last played with the Bengals. They cut receiver Kyle Brown and defensive tackle Vaka Manupana.

Switch?: Todd Wade did not practice because of a sore shoulder, but said he would practice Tuesday. Coach Joe Bugel said Wade will stay at left guard, but he also wants to get Mike Pucillo time there Saturday. Just in case, of course. Bugel also said Pucillo would start there, if Wade is unavailable. Wade had a rough debut and people we talk to weren't surprised. One NFL source said Wade is not athletic enough to make this switch. What we do know is that his technique, especially when pulling, was a bit rough.

Heyer update: Stephon Heyer did not take part in any nine-on-nine or 11-on-11 drills because of a sore hamstring. But he'll be fine for Saturday. Taylor Whitley took most of the work with the starters, with Jason Fabini also getting some time. Fabini got knocked on his keister on one play, though he might have simply gotten tangled up and tripped. Hard to tell from our angle. But we do know that he had a hard time with Lorenzo Alexander on occasion. And Kedric Golston bowled through Fabini one time. Golston has looked really good lately.

Concern: About the offensive line. Nobody is about to panic; it's way too early. The Redskins say many of their problems the other night were caused by communication breakdowns. We buy some of that; a couple stunts involving Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen clearly were the result of that. But Wade was not a victim of communication breakdowns. However, the line was a strength by season's end last year and they can be again. They are considered a good run-blocking unit and average in pass protection. When Chris Samuels returns, it should get better because they can give more help to Jansen on the right side. But there's also no doubt they have problems at left guard. And there's no real season-long alternative on their roster.

Dropping: Mike Espy entered camp with a good chance to win the No. 5 job. It's hard to imagine that he's the favorite anymore. He dropped a pass Saturday night and dropped another one during practice. Almost seemed as if he heard LaRon Landry's footsteps.

Return: Corner Jerametrius Butler, who did not participate in the scrimmage and preseason opener because of a hamstring injury, returned to practice. He has a lot of work to do. David Macklin is the No. 4 corner right now and it's unlikely that they would cut Ade Jimoh because of his special teams work.

In attendance: Joe Jacoby with his two daughters, one of whom is going to SMU on a swim scholarship; the other is considering Clemson and is also a swimmer. Also, Joe Theismann was at practice, too and was on the field talking with Gregg Williams for a few minutes. Announcer Mike Patrick was here as well.

Here's what's funny about those two being at the Park today. When newly-signed Todd Pinkston turned his shoulder on a deep ball vs. Washington in 2004 -- with Ryan Clark bearing down on him -- Patrick and Theismann were broadcasting the game.

Theismann said, "You've heard of alligator arms; that was alligator body." And Patrick said, "That was unbelievable!"

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