Trouble at OG?

Should the Redskins sign a veteran OG? Here is my take on the situation:

Anyone who watched the Redskins in the preseason game against Tennessee could clearly see that the starting offensive line struggled.  The offense only averaged 2.9 yards per rush and gave up 5 sacks.  Now, it is true that some of the sacks can be put right on the shoulders of the Quaterbacks, but still.  The Offensive Line just did not look good in their preseason debut.

Now, in fairness to the left side of the line, the Redskins had a Rookie Free Agent playing Left Tackle.  Stephon Heyer actually held his own fairly well, for a rookie facing a Pro Bowl Defensive End.  But there is no denying that Wade and Jansen struggled.  Now would having Samuels back in there help?  Certainly it would.  But Samuels may not always be healthy and if the whole left side of the line is going to under perform badly when Samuels is absent, then yes, a Guard needs to be brought in.

Wade is the big issue with this starting Offensive Line currently.  Can he make the transition from Tackle to Guard?  Some, like the Redskins' coaching staff, think so.  Others in the business think otherwise.  No one knows the truth and only time will tell the truth, if the experiment lasts.

Now, according to Jason La Canfora, and I quote:

Despite the offensive line's performance Saturday night in Tennessee, the Washington Redskins do not intend to make any changes for this weekend's preseason game against Pittsburgh.

However, according to Joe Bugel himself:

"I'm going to play Pucillo probably at left guard," Bugel said, "and give us a chance to look at him."
However, in fairness, this is mostly due to injury, however, Bugel also said Wade played "just OK."

So, the real question is, should the Redskins sign a veteran OG "just in case", or, should they just let this experiment go and hope for the best.

Well, if you again listen to Bugel....

"He deserves every chance," Bugel said. "He needs a lot of work in there."

...then you would have to think that they are just going to let this experiment go and hope for the best. For the team's sake and the fans' sake, I hope this experiment pays off.  But for those that have doubts, here is the Best Available Free Agent List for Offensive Guards:(*)

Jeno James/UFA
Toniu Fonoti/UFA
Chris Villarrial/UFA
Cosey Coleman/UFA
Marco Rivera/UFA
Kendyl Jacox/UFA
Ross Verba/UFA
Bennie Anderson/UFA
Tutan Reyes/UFA
Brad Badger/UFA
Adam Timmerman/UFA
Corey Hulsey/UFA
Tyrone Hopson/UFA
Scott Peters/UFA

So you be the judge.  Should the Redskins sign one of the above guys just in case this experiment fails miserably? 

Personally, I think so.

*Best available OG list compliments of Senior Reporter Adam Caplan

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