Training Camp Report: August 14

As if the offensive line has enough problems. Today, they showed there was something else they couldn't do. At least not as good as the defensive line.

Done: Two-a-days ended, though it hardly seemed as if they were ever here. The Redskins only had four two-a-days and a fifth -- today -- was reduced to a morning walk-through and an afternoon practice.

Still, to celebrate, the coaches had a punt-catching competition -- between the lines. It wasn't close -- and it wasn't pretty. The defensive line fielded six punts, shot out of a jugs machine from about 50 yards away; the O-line caught just one punt, by leadoff guy Jon Jansen.

"They ain't got no hands, no hands at all," said end Phillip Daniels, who caught his punt.

Because of this, the offense had to run a sprint down and back the width of the field.

Back: Receiver Brandon Lloyd returned from his shin splints and actually had one nice play. He turned a short pass along the side into a long gainer with a nifty move, splitting two defenders and drawing an, "Ooooooh" from those along the sidelines.

Character: Running back Clinton Portis did not return to practice, but he did return to being a character. During Gregg Williams' 18-minute press gathering with reporters, Portis walked over and had some fun with Williams, "shouting" questions at him, "So you're telling me you didn't tell that guy to run after the guy without his helmet on!?"

Williams stammers.

"You didn't set out to do that Gregg Williams!?"

A few seconds later, Portis took a reporter's hat, slammed it down and said, "You want them to be physical!"

As Portis walked away, Williams said, "I can only imagine what the cartoon is going to be like this year."

Out: Receivers Antwaan Randle El (quad) and Corey Bradshaw (hamstring) did not practice. Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery (knee) and offensive lineman Todd Wade (shoulder) also sat out. So, too, did Tyler Ecker. But you had to have guessed that already.

By the way, for anyone who is wondering, they have not contacted free agent guard Adam Timmerman.

Who's hot: Quarterback Todd Collins had a good night against the Titans and carried that into practice today. He made a nice pass along the right sideline to Carl Berman, splitting two defenders. Alas, Berman dropped the ball.

Celebrate: Linebacker Marcus Washington stepped in front of a tight end (our view was blocked) and intercepted a Jason Campbell pass and ran in for the score. To which Williams shouted, "Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!"

Do-over: Give defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander credit for his helmetless tackle the other night -- and for returning to practice immediately. He has just six stitches -- four in his chin and two on his lip. He also said he'd make the play again. "I was more in shock because I saw all that blood coming off my face. The first thing I checked for was my teeth and all of them were there, so I was real happy about that."

The coaches like him and Williams said he loves Alexander's passion. The kid is probably going to earn a roster spot, after two years of practice squad duty. He is eligible for a third, under the new CBA.

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