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Jason Campbell's injury status; did the Redskins wrong Lemar?; and why is Joe Gibbs upset?

... Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell tried to run today, but his bruised knee still bothered him. Campbell said if a game were played today, he would be unable to play. The Redskins have not yet ruled him out for Saturday's preseason game against Baltimore, but it's highly unlikely they would take that risk.

...Lemar Marshall played for the Redskins for five years, led the team in tackles in 2005, started at two different linebacker spots, played on special teams and was good in the locker room. Yet when they released him, they buried it underneath the signings of Randall Godfrey and Jerel Myers.

They gave Marshall just one sentence at the end of the release. Not good. Contrast that with the Eagles who held a press conference for Jeremiah Trotter. Granted, Trotter made Pro Bowls there and no one expected a press conference. But he deserved more than just one sentence.

...Coach Joe Gibbs was upset with a story in the Washington Post today, which discussed the troubles on the left side of the line and Stephon Heyer in particular. The point of the story was that the Redskins erred in how they constructed the line and it also took jabs at Heyer, saying how he wasn't ready. Well, duh.

The story wasn't exactly earth-shattering and was quite obvious. That's nothing against the story, but it didnt' warrant an upset response. Yet Gibbs defended Heyer after practice. And the coaches have talked about how it was Mike Pucillo's fault that Brett Keisel got through and hit Jason Campbell. Sorry, not buying it. It's clear that Heyer took too wide a step to the outside, allowing too big of a gap inside.

Let's just say others in the building agree with that. The Redskins made a mistake by not properly addressing the guard situation and the line depth and it's biting them in the behind. It'll be much, much better when Chris Samuels returns.

...From Lemar Marshall on the Godfrey signing (which he had heard rumors about the past few weeks:

''I didn't think it would affect me so soon, for everything that I've done. I was still a fourth linebacker. How quickly things change.''

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