Redskins 13, Ravens 7: Who's Hot, Who's Not

Here is John Keim's take on who was hot and who was not during the preseason game against the Ravens.


...LaRon Landry. Stud.

...Linebacker H.B. Blades showed he's worthy of a roster spot, with his versatility and his ability to play on special teams. He did get fooled on a play-action and he missed another tackle in coverage. But Blades was also playing strongside for the first time since his sophomore year in college -- he said he had not played there all summer until Marcus Washington got hurt. Blades made a good stop on special teams.

...Dallas Sartz scored a touchdown, grabbing a tipped pass and running three yards for the, um, winning touchdown. Sartz remains a longshot to make the roster. He's still very small (around 220 pounds) and would benefit from a year on the practice squad. Pierson Prioleau and Anthony Trucks made that play possible.

...Anthony Montgomery. Monty received a lot of time in the first half and made his presence felt a couple times. He has a ways to go and I'm not sold on him by any means, but he did draw his share of double teams in pass protection and he had one nice stop where he slanted, bounced off a blocker and made a stop in the backfield.

...Quarterback Todd Collins threw a very nice ball on the first play from scrimmage, a 40-yard toss to Santana Moss. Collins is more poised in the pocket. Still not sure what he'd do in a real game, however.

...Brandon Lloyd had a hustle play, recovering a Mike Sellers fumble, caught one pass for 5 yards and drew a pass interference penalty.

... Antwaan Randle El caught four passes for 36 yards and showed he's still best used on underneath routes in which he can run away from the defense.


...Ladell Betts' pass protection has not been good this summer. It's either him or there's some communication breakdowns between he and the offensive line. Too often he's tried to pick up guys blitzing inside,but the linemen and tight ends already were there to handle that as well, leaving rushers pressuring unblocked from the edge.

...Mike Sellers whiffed on one block and missed a couple others. Heck, I'm throwing Chris Cooley in there as well. I was highly disappointed with the blocking efforts of the backs and tight ends. But, in fairness to Sellers, on the first drive he picked up one blitzer and stopped an end on another occasion, showing his versatility.

...Andre Carter had a sack, but it stemmed from the tackle getting tripped up by a teammate. Otherwise, Carter was held in check by rookie Jared Gaither.

...Stephon Heyer. More I see, less I like. But he looks like the player I saw in the scrimmage; worth keeping around, but in need of improved footwork and balance.

...Randle El failed on one play near the end of the first half to either get out of bounds or get a first down. He caught a pass in the left flat and, rather than go 2 yards and out of bounds to stop the clock, he danced and then tried to cut inside. If he had gone straight forward, he would have been pummeled, but he would have picked up a first down.

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