Portis to Play on Thursday?

Is there a chance that Clinton Portis could play in the last preseason game versus the Jaguars?

First, let me go on the record: I don't see it happening.

That being said, I suppose the reality is that the staff could want him to get a few reps in before the season opener, if that is indeed when Portis plans to start playing in his more traditional role.

This is obviously a double edged sword. If he plays, and aggravates his knee injury, then it will look like a foolish move to have had him play. If he doesn't play even though he could have and looks rusty come the season opener, then some may ask "Why didn't get a few warm up reps in when he had the chance?"

When asked about Portis playing on Thursday, here is what Gibbs had to say:
"We will start upping his workload. Then we will see what happens when it comes down to game time."

So that sounds like one of those all too famous "game time decisions" to me. Of course, with Coach Gibbs, you never know what he is truly meaning half the time he speaks to the media. Is it really a game time decision, or has the decision been made?

Also, what about the season opener?

Well, Gibbs added that Portis' workload early in the season will depend on his conditioning once he resumes practice.

So, Gibbs alludes to Portis possibly playing on Thursday, yet, he also alludes to the fact that Portis has yet to practice.

Adding all that up, I would put it this way. Don't look forward or anticipate him playing on Thursday. I just don't think it will happen.

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