Taylor, Samuels, Cartwright Honored

Sean Taylor, Chris Samuels and Rock Cartwright were honored at the Redskins' welcome home luncheon.

Chris Samuels had little to say; Pat Fischer couldn't stop talking. And a standing ovation was given to one person. So it went at the Redskins 46th Annual Welcome Home Luncheon.

Samuels (Offensive Player of the Year), Sean Taylor (Defensive Player of the Year) and Rock Cartwright (Special Teams Player of the Year) were honored for their 2006 performances.

Among the former Redskins in attendance: Mark Rypien, Dexter Manley and Charley Taylor. Rypien presented the award to Samuels; Fischer presented Cartwright and Sam Huff presented Taylor, calling him the ''one of the best safeties I've ever laid my eyes on.''

None of the honorees had much to say to the packed crowd at the Tysons Corner Ritz Carlton. In fact, Samuels finished his speech in about 15 seconds. If that.

Taylor had the most to say and even thanked Gregg Williams by saying he, ''rode me the hardest since I've been here.''

Meanwhile, Fischer rambled on for several minutes before presenting Cartwright, about whom he said, ''I love his name.'' And that playing special teams, which he never did, ''just sounds painful.'' And when he presented the award, he said, ''Here you go, young fella.''

Coach Joe Gibbs received a standing ovation. He also drew the biggest laugh when he talked about being an offensive coordinator for St. Louis when Fischer played for the Redskins.

''We walked on the field and we all looked and said, 'Look, there's a little bitty white guy playing corner,' '' Gibbs said. ''We drew up every pass route for Mel Gray. He didn't beat [Fischer] one time.''

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