Jaguars 31, Redskins 14

Jason Campbell exited healthy and with a touchdown pass.

And that's all the Redskins really needed to see.

Which is good because for most of the night, the sights weren't all that pleasing.

Jacksonville beat Washington, 31-14, in the preseason finale. But the final score was meaningless. Even the fact that the Redskins led 14-10 at halftime didn't matter much, considering both sides rested their No. 1 defenses. And neither first string offense played after the first series. Pete Kendall started at left guard for Washington.

Campbell, playing his first game since his bruised knee, finished five for five for 54 yards and a touchdown. He played just one series, which he capped with a 23-yard touchdown pass down the left side to Antwaan Randle El.

Campbell looked poised and strong in the pocket. He did not favor his knee; nor did he look at the rushers racing at him.

''I felt pretty good; I was very confident in what we were doing with the offense," Campbell said at halftime. "It was good for our No. 1 offense to get out there and take the first series down the field and score.

"The only thing with me was that I was kind of nervous about taking the first hit to my knee but overall, it felt good.''

The Redskins made it 14-3 when Mark Brunell hit Ryan Hoag for a 14-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. Brunell finished the game five of six for 47 yards in his quest to become the No. 2 quarterback.

From there, it was all Jacksonville. Receiver Reggie Williams caught a 40-yard touchdown pass on fourth down. He took a short pass in the left flat and bounced off corner Byron Westbrook before scoring easily.

LaBrandon Toefield scored on a 12-yard third-quarter run to make it 17-10. Rookie quarterback Jordan Palmer then got his first action. It wasn't memorable, at least not in a good way. Palmer threw a pass to the left -- without seeing a linebacker blocking the ball's path. Roy Manning intercepted the ball and ran 27 yards for a score.

Palmer finished two of eight for 10 yards and looked nowhere near ready to compete as a No. 3. The Jaguars finished the scoring when Quinn Gray threw his second score, this time a five-yard toss to Isaac Smolko.

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