Q&A With: Renaldo Wynn

The veteran defensive end, released today by Washington, has no desire to quit playing. But, he said, ''If it could have happened earlier, I wish it could have happened earlier ... But that's how it is.''

Q: Are you stunned?

A: At first I was, but I've known since a couple hours ago and it's something that you always prepare yourself for if it does happen. But you never know how it feels until it happens.

Q: They released Lemar early and Joe early, when you weren't released then, did you think you had survived?

A: In this type of situation you just never know what happens. That's my thing. I never count my eggs before they're hatched until the last result of what happens. I always put it in God's hands. I enjoyed it while I was here, the relationships I cherished -- not only with my teammates, but the people in the community, coaches, even you guys.

Q: Have you talked to your teammates?

A: No, I haven't talked to them yet. I told them I would give them a call and let each guy know. I'm sure we'll get together.

Q: Did you have an inkling?

A: You kind of think a little bit because with the year we had last year and the defensive line was kind of the target group as far as people looking at the reason why we had the year we did. I never thought that. Nevertheless, I thought with Joe, Lemar, some of the key people on the team, it wasn't anything I was surprised with when my number was called.

Q: Did you feel you had a good camp?

A: I felt good. I felt I had one of my better camps since I've been here with the injuries especially. Last year was something where I wasn't 100 percent the whole year. This year I felt the best I've felt in a couple years.

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