Cooley Extended

The Redskins reduced one big worry today, extending the contract of tight end Chris Cooley.

Cooley had one year left on his original deal, but had it extended by six years for a value of $30 million.

"It felt so good," Cooley said. "My biggest worry was that I wanted to be here. I feel this is such a great place for me and it's a great fit to be with the Redskins. I want to be here forever. It's seven more years. … I can play my whole career with the Redskins and I think that's an unbelievable thing, especially in today's football."

Cooley admitted the two sides were far apart until the past week. He had hoped for an extension in the spring, but was getting pessimistic because of recent negotiations. Cooley said he told some of his coaches that, "Look, I would like this done." He said owner Dan Snyder heard about it and told him, "We want to pay you. We want you here."

"Three days later, it was done," Cooley said. "It's even more of a dream because I can stay and play for the team that's done everything for me. I love the guys and every part of being here. Now we have to win some games."

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