Press Conference: Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs took questions from the media today. Here is a transcript:

On injuries:

"We had our Wednesday work. I think everybody took regular work, with the exception of Khary (Campbell, LB, #50) and he's limited."

On if he has any concern for Khary Campbell (LB, #50) this week:

"I think he's taking more and more. Today he took some of the work. We'll just have to see as we go."

On Shaun Bodiford's (WR, #80) health:

"I'd say 100% from what I see. He's got a pretty good background too. He's a pretty tough dude. I see nothing but him going 100%."

On the excitement of seeing the offense at full strength for the first time:

"I think you always have mixed emotions as a coach. I think everybody in the League are going to suppress some of the things they're doing, they're not going to be wide open in pre-season. I'm always nervous and concerned because you're not sure how you're going to play anywhere across the board, including offense. We all know it would be a huge deal to get off to a great start, but you're never sure. That's the way I am about it"

On his relationship with Dolphins Head Coach Cam Cameron:

"I think Cam, a lot of us we talked about Al (Saunders) and a lot of other people came out of a similar type tree, Mike Martz, that background. He's one of those guys that came out of that background. He kind of shared that with me. I don't remember a lot of that, but it was just like me at the Chargers. I hung out there all the time. I doubt if any of them knew I was there. I think we've crossed paths in a lot of ways at the places we've been. Although we've never worked together I have great respect for him. That group he has down there is pretty awesome. I saw that when he hired a bunch of the guys that I knew, they were real good coaches, I said this is a problem. Dom Capers (Defensive Coordinator), Hudson Houck (Offensive Line), Bobby Jackson (Running Backs), people I know are real good coaches. I think that's a good sign for a head coach is the people he hires."

On if he finds himself having to make more adjustments on the fly in season-openers than other games:

"I think season-opener is the biggest challenge. You take Miami and some of their players played ten plays in pre-season. That's it. You know they've been holding back in what they do on offense. Because of all of that, there are all the questions marks. I'm sure they have some too on their side. You have things on our side, like players coming back from injury and a late trade for Pete Kendall (OL, #66). I think both the teams probably are similar trying to figure out what each other is going to do in the opener. I think certainly probably more with us because Cam (Cameron) has not been there."

On Clinton Portis (RB, #26):

"He's been taking the work, starting last week. I think the best thing he can do is practice. He's done that. I don't think we've had any flare ups or anything. Hopefully we made the right decision and got that thing healed up."

On the backup quarterback position:

"Our rotation there, we have two guys there that I consider vets that we can put in there. We have great confidence in both of them. After thinking it over and talking about it we're going to go with Todd Collins (QB, #15) and then Mark Brunell (QB, #8). Obviously we have our reasons for making sure those guys are here. I feel comfortable with our depth there. We're real deep at quarterback. I think that's a base principle. You better not get in trouble at quarterback."

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