Press Conference: Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron took questions from the media today. Here is a transcript:

On looking back on his time in Washington:

"In this business, time flies. It was a fun three years, I know. Looking back, had I not had that experience it would be tough for me to be sitting where I'm sitting today. It was a great experience there."

On what he got out of his experience with the Washington Redskins:

"I was coming out of college at that time from a program with great tradition and you really understand the tradition of the Washington Redskins and obviously, the success they have had over time, the fans, and living in the Nation's capital. You know, there are a lot of things. It was a nice start in the NFL, with one of the great franchises in the history of the game."

On the influence his experience in Washington had on his philosophy:

"I think working for Norv (Turner, Head Coach, San Diego Chargers) was a great experience for me. I hadn't been exposed to that offense for any length of time. I think being around Sonny (Jurgensen), believe it or not, and I had been a big fan of Sonny's growing up in North Carolina. Sonny always brought the personnel element, that thought process. I remember having a lot of conversations. He knew schemes, but at the same time he talked about people and players. When he called plays, because back then guys were calling plays, to him it was more about people than scheme. I really think that had a huge impact on me. I think that has had a huge impact on my offensive philosophy. Overall, from a head coaches' perspective, get quality people on your team and in your organization because quality people are going to win."

On Trent (Green, QB, #10):

"I think Trent (Green, QB, #10) would have made it somewhere because I think he has that inner drive. He is playing football for all the right reasons and usually those guys are tough to get to go away because they just keep knocking at your door. I think that the guy who really deserves the credit for Trent is Norv (Turner). Norv gave him the opportunity and it is so difficult in this business to have the courage as a head coach to put a starter out there that was a fourth teamer. Norv and I are very similar. We trust our instincts. Norv is the same guy that had the courage to play Gus (Frerotte), a seventh round draft pick. I look back and I think of Gus and I think of Trent and guys that have come from nowhere to play over 12, 13 years in this business. It takes a head coach that has a lot of courage. To me, the guy that should get the credit along with the player, would be Norv Turner."

On his feelings about returning to Washington and coaching against Joe Gibbs:

"Obviously, I have so much respect for Coach Gibbs and what he has done over a long period of time. I used to as a college coach go to Carlisle and stay in the dorms and study their offense and we would try to steal every idea we could while I was at Michigan with what the Redskins were doing. It goes back to that. I was in San Diego when he came to Washington a couple of years ago and that was the first time I had been in the stadium. The year I left was the last year in RFK. I have kind of gotten over the coming back because it was kind of neat but now I truly understand that it is a business trip. From all perspectives here we are coming to play a good football game. In my mind it's down to football."

On his perspective on the Redskins defense:

"Number one, you have to go back and realize how good they were; one of the top defenses in the league in '04 and '05. Last year they had a couple of injuries and we all know how that plays into any team. I know they go right into the off-season and pick up London (Fletcher, LB, #59). They bring in some new guys. I know their expectation is to get right back to playing the kind of defense they have played. They have made progress in getting anything corrected that they needed to correct and they have gotten healthy. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a good defense."

On his University of Michigan days:

"It was through the '80s and early '90s and you know what was happening in Washington at that time. I would always like to take two or three weeks of our vacation time and go to NFL camps and what better place to go than go study the Washington Redskins. We put all of the plays that you can imagine with Mark Rypien and Doug Williams and so forth, so we really put in a lot of their packages. And I can tell you, that helped us win one, if not two, Rose Bowls."

On Heath Shuler as a U.S. Congressman:

"It does not surprise me one bit. Shuler is one of the finest human beings I have ever been around and coached. He would tell you, when you are drafted that high, expectations are off the charts and you want to play better and you want your career to turn out differently. But Shuler the person, has never been in question in my mind. He is a tremendous man, I am thrilled for him."

On taking a chance with Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) as a quarterback:

"He was a great high school quarterback. If you ever go back and look at his high school tape, he was player of the year in the state of Illinois. A lot of people don't know that. I was always a big fan of Charlie Ward and I always thought, ‘Boy if we could get a guy like Charlie Ward', and Antwaan kind of reminded me of him. Here is a guy that not only started at QB for four years, started at centerfield in baseball and also played for Coach Bobby Knight, as a point guard in college. Some people just didn't want to take a chance on him, but we knew he was a quarterback. We were thrilled his career turned out the way it did.

On Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) as a wide receiver:

"He is a football player. Number one, he is a great leader. He is a great practice player. He brings tremendous energy to the practice field and to the locker room. I guarantee you, when the ball is in his hands, if he is behind the line of scrimmage, there is not a throw that he can't make, and I'm sure if he's across the line of scrimmage there isn't any throw he can't make backwards. We will be well aware of his ability as everyone else in the league is too. He is a great young man. I know he is a father now, and a husband. It's been fun to watch all the success he has had."

On difficulties in preparing for the Washington Redskins offense:

"I think you try to know the players for the most part over time. We all as coaches get to know each other, scheme-wise, so you get a feel for what guys want to do. Having not seen the unit, we will just have to make some game-time adjustments. We don't have our starters out there all together a whole lot either because we are still determining some of our starters in the last couple of days. I think this is going to be a game where you see both teams grow as both teams are going to start playing together more.

On Trent Green (QB, #10) after his injury:

"We checked all the things we needed to check. There were two things that stood out in my mind. Number one, that he wanted to be here. I think that is important. Trent came here for all the right reasons. One of those
primary reasons we felt we needed to grow in the area of leadership in the quarterback position. I think it's a leadership position. I think that is critical. Sometimes people get overly enamored with physical power. You still have to be able to lead, and that is what we needed. Those two things were primary in my mind and now he just needs to grow with everybody else in our offense. I think Trent Green can still grow as a player because he has new guys to work with."

On what he has learned from working with head coaches Norv Turner and Marty (Schottenheimer):

"You really draw something from both. Norv is so good on game day. He is probably the best that I have been around, assistant coordinator or as head coach. Game day he is just off the charts good. Marty and Bo Schembechler and Coach (Bobby) Knight, I really think of them, though they are very good on game day, they are off the charts during the week. The preparation, the detail, the week of preparation for those kind of guys means everything. I believe that as well. It is about how you prepare throughout the course of the week, the detail, the preparation. Then you go let the players play. We as coaches try to help the players as much as we can on game day, but the way you help a player the most in my view, is demand that he practice and prepare a certain way. The game will take care of itself."

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