Behind Enemy Lines

Alain Poupart, the associate editor of Dolphins Digest, shares his insight on visiting Miami entering the season opener. This is part one of a two-part look at the Dolphins:

1. What kind of difference will Cam Cameron and Trent Green make for this offense?

A. The hope is that Cameron and Green can make a big difference, but realistically it's probably going to take some time because the Dolphins still are lacking difference-makers on offense and the offensive line remains such a question mark. But considering how bad the offense was last season, it won't take much for it to at least be better in 2007.

2. Aside from Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, what makes this defense so good?

A. Those obviously are the two key guys, but it's a good scheme and there also are some underrated players on that unit. The two who jump out are nose tackle Keith Traylor and defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday. Traylor is old for the position and he tends to wear down, but when he's right physically he's a monster against the run. As for Holliday, he's a great all-around D-lineman and he probably should have made the Pro Bowl last season.

3. What do you consider to be the Dolphins' biggest weakness?

A. It's a tie between the lack of difference-makers on offense and the offensive line. The bigger, to me, is the lack of star power on offense. The sad truth in Miami is there's probably not one single player on offense who ranks among the top 12 players in the league at his position.

4. Two years ago, Ronnie Brown looked like a budding star. Last year, he did not. What do you expect from him this year?

A. Actually, Brown was pretty good last year, too. He rushed for over 1,000 yards despite missing two full games and part of another. And he did that behind a shaky offensive line. This year, I expect Brown to split carries at halfback with Jesse Chatman, a former backup in San Diego who rejoined the Dolphins this offseason. Brown should put up solid numbers, but I don't think he'll ever become a star.

5. How much do you think Joey Porter has left?

A. Hard to tell because he didn't play in the preseason after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in early August. So we have little to go on except last season, and the truth is he was nicked up quite a bit. The best guess is he does have plenty left, but he just might be more susceptible to injuries nowadays.

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