Five Questions With: Santana Moss

One of the toughest corners Moss has faced is an obvious one. But the other one isn't. Hint: Both ar

Q: What's your favorite route to run?

A: Any route. I like anything where I can put my hands on the ball, to tell you the truth. Anytime you dial up 89 and it has something to do with getting me the ball, it's my favorite route. I'll make it my favorite because I want to get the ball in my hands.

Q: Is there a harder route to run?

A: If you do this, there shouldn't be nothing impossible. I feel like most guys like different routes. With me, being what I'm blessed with, I take it as they come. I like to show more route-running than just running a deep pass. There's nothing to running a deep pass. You can outrun someone if you have speed. I like to be the guy that has to really run a route to get open because it makes you use what you know and what you've got on a guy. A route drawn up on paper is a straight line. Go upfield 10 yards and cut. But if you take pride in what you do, and knowing it's not all about running straight, I like to do stuff that's a little extra and really lose a guy and then watch it on film and think, ‘Damn, I gave him this and got open that way.'

Q: Who is the toughest defensive back you've gone up against?

A: I'd have to say Champ. That was in my third season. But I'll tell you the truth, my first year here in practice, Walt Harris was one of the best cover corners. He never gave you anything. I'm pleased to see what he's doing in San Francisco. I don't know why he didn't do as well as he wanted to, but he was excellent for me.

Q: When did you feel you became an all-around receiver?

A: I've been an all-around receiver from Day One – if you watched me in college. I came to the Jets and they only wanted to send me deep, therefore I didn't feel the Jets wanted to use what I was capable of doing. If you watched me in college, there were only so many nine routes that I ran. I ran intermediate routes and took everything else to the house. It's just a process of me getting on the team that uses my ability more and I feel the Redskins have done that.

Q: Did you see a difference in Jason this summer?

A: He's confident, throwing the ball well. But it's not just about him throwing. He's running the offense with confidence. That's what you need out of your leader. That's a step to where we're trying to go. When you have someone stay in there and take the hits he took this preseason in the pocket… that lets you know you have a guy who, no matter what you bring at him, he's trying to make sure we have the best chance of winning. That's all we need.

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