Conference Call: Eddie George

The Redskins don't want to hear about his yards per carry this season. They've seen enough film of Eddie George to know that he's still capable of hurting teams if a defense isn't careful. George played through a nagging toe injury last year, but that's behind him. Now he wants to start boosting that 2.7 yards per carry average. Here's what George had to say during a conference call with Redskins beat reporters.

Q: How do you feel physically?
A: I'm fine, 100 percent. My toe isn't an issue right now. I've gotten over that in the offseason. I worked hard and prepared hard. My foot is strong again and right now I'm just waiting for an opportunity. I feel like I can run the same way or better than I was before. I just need some holes and I need to run through them. We're not getting good runs. Last week, we couldn't run too much down 21-0. Three of the last four games we've been playing from behind.

Q: Do you buy the reports that say you're finished?
A: If I did I wouldn't be playing. I don't buy them at all.

Q: At 1-3 are you pushing the panic button?
A: We need to push the urgency button. There's still time for us to turn this thing around and get back on the right track.

Q: What's the mood down there?
A: Upbeat, encouraged, ticked off. Everybody around here-- we need to be a ticked-off group. We have to get down to business.

Q: Do you think you're still a favorite to win the division?
A: We still think we can win the division. One game can change everything. We have the talent to win the division. But it's tough right now [because of injuries]. The three guys you don't want to lose are Jevon, Samari and Derrick Mason. All three are down right now so we've got to find a way to make it happen.

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