Conference Call: Jeff Fisher

Tennessee figured to contend in the AFC South. At 1-3, and coming off a down year, the Titans aren't doing that. But coach Jeff Fisher has guided the Titans through worse, steering them through a move from Houston and other adversity. Here's what he had to say during a conference call with Redskins beat reporters.

Q: What do you think of Spurrier's offense?
A: I've broken down the last three entire seasons of his offense at Florida . . . Just kidding. I look at it with a great deal of respect for what he's done. There's no rhyme or reason for what he does. I don't mean that as disrespectful. But it makes it difficult to prepare for him and difficult to anticipate his next move. That makes it hard to defense.

Q: What do you think of Washington's defense?
A: It's impressive to watch them play. I'm real impressed with Daryl Gardener's effort. He's finishing plays and there's not a play off to be seen. The defense is playing with enthusiasm and emotion. We've got our hands full with Marvin Lewis. He understands our offense and has a good feel for our personnel.

Q: Is Eddie George healthy?
A: We addressed his injury after the 2000 season and he didn't have an offseason by which he could condition. He had a little setback in the Dallas game this year, but AstroTurf takes a toll. We have to do a better job up front. The difficulty this week is that they can play the run. Nobody can line up and just hammer them. You can't try to run the ball every play, but you have to run the ball. I'm not happy with the running game. If I had my way I'd pound it on every single play. Eddie has not been a prolific runner in September. But we'll get it going. As the rest of league is throwing the ball all over the field, things are going to settle down and the weather is going to change and teams that run the ball well are the teams that are going to the playoffs.

Q: What's been the problem so far?
A: Some of it is our doing. Some of it is out of our control. We have no control over our coverage guys getting blocked in the back. We have no control over how the ball bounced on the onside kick against Cleveland. The things that are in our control are the penalties and we've had way too many. We're having some problems slowing people down and scoring points.

Q: Are you concerned about the key injuries?
A: We have guys here who we expect to make plays. Whoever plays for Samari has to cover and make a play. I'm very excited about the players we have. Tank Williams is improving every week. Keith Bullock is as active as any linebacker. We have some young players who are playing and the spin off that can only be positive. Guys are gaining valuable experience and that is going to help down the line.

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