Game Blog: Redskins 16, Dolphins 13

Rich Tandler offers his insight with a game blog about the game.


I'm not going to get to complaining about being in the press box or anything, but they have the glass in front closed. It makes it like watching a game out of the window in your house. You can see everything, but you lose most of the noise and a lot of the atmosphere. It does make it a bit cooler, but it's only 84 outside at kickoff. I think they may have closed it to keep the likes of Wise and Wilbon in the front row from getting heckled by the people sitting in the back row, but whatever the reason, I don't like it.

First Quarter

14:46—A couple of near-picks by the Redskins on the first two plays from scrimmage. A three and out, though, is a good start.

13:53—Starting from a three-WR set, the Redskins run with Portis on the first snap.

13:14—Portis certainly looks well-rested. Two runs, both taking paths through and over defenders for a first down.

12:30—Jason Campbell's first truly meaningful pass is intercepted by Renaldo Hill of the Dolphins. A bad decision throwing into double coverage.

11:17—We have an early Andre Carter sighting. There was no such thing last year until about December, but he sacked Green to effectively end Miami's mild threat after the interception.

9:58—Campbell's first big mental test here—how does he recover from the interception.

8:22—A boomer by Frost on his first punt, 64 yards, but it won't count as the Redskins were holding, so he'll have to do it again. I'm not sure why anyone would be holding, the Dolphins were setting up a return, not trying to block.

8:22—Well, we were wondering who the penalty was on as they said it was 44. That's John Riggins. As it turns out, it was on #44 of the Dolphins. So, as they lined up the rekick it was corrected. With the penalty, it turns out to be a net of 74 yards on the kick. From the Redskins eight, the Dolphins are on their own 18.

6:43—Ted Ginn Jr. is fast. He flashed around the end on an end around in, well, a flash.

5:53—First crowd-induced five-yarder as Miami makes a false start on third and two.

5:53—Now FedEx has turned third and two into third and 12 as the Dolphins flinch again. Then Smoot makes a stop a yard shy of a first down.

3:50—Betts now in for Portis on the Redskins' third possession. Gains six going wide left.

2:30—Campbell's first completion is a doozie, a 35-yard laser to Randle El.

End of first quarter: Redskins 0, Dolphins 0

Second Quarter

15:00—The left side of the O-line doesn't seem to have suffered much from never having taken a snap together. Samuels and Kendall aren't dominating, but we haven't hear Jason Taylor's name much, either.

14:12—Nice little shovel to Betts converts a third down. Betts might have scored, but Kendall got in his way and he was caught from, behind. Mark a "key play" in the drive.

12:20—It doesn't look good for Jon Jansen. He's going off on a cart after getting his legs rolled over from behind. Todd Wade, who was his backup last year, is inactive, so we'll see who goes in for him.

12:14—FG Suisham 31

9:58—A ball on the ground. . .and the Redskins come up with it. Shovel pass to Jesse Chatman, gang tackled three yard downfield, ball popped out and Shawn Springs outfought the Fins for the ball. H. B. Blades got credit for the forced fumble, but Rocky McIntosh actually got it.

9:58—Rookie free agent Stephon Heyer in for Jansen. We'll see what kind of a find he was

8:34—Jason Taylor with a sack, but it looks like Campbell needed to get rid of the ball sooner. That kills the drive.

5:36—A bit of intimidation there as Marty Booker dropped a pass with Landry bearing down on him. He still got his feet cut out from under him by #30 for his troubles. As of about 25 minutes into the season, the Redskins defense we saw in the preseason has translated well into the real games. They are sticking and flying to the ball and tackling well.

4:33—Plenty of time for Campbell on a third and long, but Moss flat dropped a pass a shade behind him. Still, a very catchable pass and Moss is going to want to make up for that at some point.

3:12—The Dolphins are working Fred Smoot hard. Green is going to Chambers on almost every play, with enough success to move Miami into scoring position.

2:00—An uneven performance by the Washington offense so far. Campbell has been hot and cold and so has gone the offense. The Redskins aren't running poorly, but not well enough to consistently move the chains.

:42—And a good performance by the Washington defense may come apart here in the closing seconds of the first half. Despite some bad clock management, the Fins get a touchdown as time expires in the first half.

0:00—Peelle 1 pass from Green (Feely kick)
Dolphins 7, Redskins 3

Third Quarter

15:00—Just saw Ray Brown—he said his cell phone was not ringing and if it was, he wouldn't be answering.

14:09—Still no passes to Cooley. He was supposed to be the go-to guy.

13:30—Another drop for Moss.

13:00—It looks like Randle El is the man. That one was good for 49 yards. ARE now has three catches for 100 yards.

Portis 19 run (Suisham kick)
Redskins 10, Dolphins 7

11:47—Nice run by Portis to put the Redskins back in the lead. He went outside, found a lane and he hit it with authority. Six-play, 78-yard drive. One more of those and the Redskins will win.

11:35—Smoot in on first and ten rather than Rogers. Carlos was responsible for the last-second TD pass, maybe that has something to do with it.

10:47—Now McIntosh has a sack to go with his forced fumble. He's having a better debut as a season-opening starter than Campbell is.

8:23—A good Washington drive followed by another three and out. A holding penalty killed this one before it even got started.

7:00—Big-time holding on the Miami center not called on a third and six conversion. He had Griffin's jersey right between the "9"and the "6", but it wasn't called.

4:00—Good tackling prevents a touchdown after a first and goal at the seven. Not a bad outcome considering that after a nowhere drive, a weak punt, and a penalty the Fins started at the Washington 39.

FG Feely 20
Redskins 10, Dolphins 10

2:19—Another key play as Campbell calmly sidestepped Jason Taylor and scrambled for 12 yards to convert a third and seven.

Fourth Quarter

14:48—Need a better effort out of Brandon Lloyd on that interception. He gave up on the rout and then tried to catch up with the ball in the air. The defense needs to keep Miami bottled up and the Redskins won't lose too much field position.

13:00—The Dolphins are moving offensively, the defense needs to come up with a play.

11:43—Miami got a gift and gave one back. An illegal contact call on a pass in the dirt gave them a first down, and then their tight end dropped a pass on third down three plays later.

9:07—Good, grinding drive going on for the Redskins. Mixing up passes and runs, Portis and Betts. Still, though, not a pass thrown in Chris Cooley's direction since that interception on Campbell's first attempt. Maybe he's due.

6:13—FG Suisham 44
Redskins 13, Dolphins 10

6:13—I've never heard of "abrupt movement simulating the snap" before, but that cost the Redskins a first down as they were lining up to go for it on fourth and two. Todd Yoder went in motion and Taylor jumped offside. The officials said Yoder was simulating the snap, so they penalized the Skins.

3:50—Very quickly, the Dolphins are in field goal position. Carlos Rogers got torched for 28 yards.

3:15—And the a very ticky-tack PI call gets the Fins a first and goal.

2:00—After penalties pushed it back to a second and goal at the 28, Cam Cameron plays it safe and runs a draw on third down. It's up to Jay Feely to tie it up.

1:57 FG Feely 36
Redskins 13, Dolphins 13

1:57—A chance for Campbell here to lead a 2:00 drill for a win. They're starting from the 29, so they need about 40 yards to get into position.

1:10—No, a three and out instead of late heroics. Hopefully, he'll get another chance. It looks like the Redskins will need a takeaway to win it in regulation.

0:28—The Redskins are doubling Chambers finally, with Landry shading heavily to his side of the field to help Rogers.

0:20—Fred Smoot had the game in his hands. If the Skins end up losing in OT, he'll feel like walking home.

0:00—Another almost for the Redskins as Randle El snags a carom on a Hail Mary and gets knocked out of bounds at the two as time expires. Had he cut back left he might have been able to outrace them over the goal line, but you can't blame him for trying to take the shortest route.


15:00—That "simulating the snap" call is looming large right now.

12:25—Play of the game here, third and seven at the 43. The Redskins don't want to give the ball to Trent Green with a chance to win it.

12:19—First pass to Cooley gained 10 and moved the chains. Not sure what he was saving it for, but that's OK

9:27—Going for the field goal on first down at the 22. A 39-yarder by Suisham. Dolphins trying to ice him.

FG Suisham 39

Final Score: Redskins 16, Dolphins 13

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