Jansen Awaits Surgery

Jon Jansen knew immediately something was wrong. And then he saw it: his foot sticking one way, his leg suggesting it should be pointing another.

''My foot was pointing the wrong way,'' he said. ''I knew it wouldn't be easy to fix.''

Jansen suffered a broken fibula and dislocated right ankle and will have surgery either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The Redskins have not yet put him on the injured reserve list, but will likely do so after the surgery.

Jansen said doctors have told him that once his rehab is finished in three to four months, then he should have no further issues.

''I'm hoping what happens next is I have a healthy year,'' Jansen said, ''and put about four or five more healthy years together and have some great seasons left. I have no doubt I will. I've got to start looking forward to next year.''

But that was tough to do Monday.

''It's definitely frustrating,'' Jansen said. ''I felt coming into this season that this was as ready as I've ever been and really excited about the year. I really felt like this would be a big year for the team and for me.''

His replacement has not been named, though Todd Wade said he assumed it would be him. However, the coaches will meet on that in coming days and it will probably be announced Thursday.

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