Conference Call: Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs participated in a conference call yesterday about the Eagles Game. Here is a transcript:

On practice:

"Our work today was like our normal Wednesday's. The guys that didn't take work were Pierson (Prioleau, S, #20), Vernon (Fox, S, #39) and Phillip (Daniels, DE, #93). We'll just have to take those day by day. Other than that normal work."

On how soon he thinks Reche Caldwell (WR, #86) could be ready to play:

"It's a lot of hard work and it just depends on how quick he picks it up. We have a lot of meetings with him. Stan (Hixon- Wide Receivers Coach) is doing a good job of staying after him, but it takes a little while too.

" On what is was about Reche Caldwell (WR, #86) that made the coaches want to bring him in:

"When we analyze everybody like that it's what we think they could bring to the team. He caught a lot of balls last year and was probably their second receiver up there (New England Patriots). When we worked him out he looked good. We had good reports. Whenever you have something like that, if you have a spot, or if you can make room then you like to add that person, so that's what we did. Obviously we're deep there right now, but it was somebody that we felt like we would like to add."

On the rivalry with the Eagles:

"Lately it's been one sided. We need to win some games to make it a rivalry. They've done a good job against us. I've said that I felt like their quarterback (Donovan McNabb, QB, #5) has probably played the best against us of any one single player. I think he's an exceptional player. Westbrook (Brian, RB, #36) is an exceptional player. Their offense and what they do up there, they've given us fits. Last year they beat us up there handily. Some people talked about us rushing the ball up there. We didn't rush the ball until after the game was over. We have great respect for their defense. They're extremely well coached. They've been together for a long time. We've had a tough time up there. We've won up there once and that was when they had everybody hurt."

On if the coaching staff notices a difference on Monday night games:

"I think any time you play on a Monday night everybody knows that it's a huge sport night. It's a huge crowd. I think the players get a kick out of it. They like the fact they get to play in front of a lot of people. I think everybody is always alert for what a Monday night game means."

On if this divisional game is a big moment:

"I think certainly when you play divisional opponents; it's extremely tough at their place. They have great crowd up there too. We've had a tough time up there too, like I said. We realize we're probably catching them at a bad moment, they're upset. I think anytime you play a division opponent it's big. It has tremendous importance when you're playing at home, but certainly it has huge implications if you're playing on the road. It's certainly big for us."

On how similar Jim Johnson's (Philadelphia Defensive Coordinator) philosophy to Gregg Williams (Assistant Head Coach- Defense):

"I think there are probably some differences. What they basically do, he's been there a long time, is they go a certain number they're aggressive, they blitz, they give you a lot of problems. From that standpoint they're a lot alike. I think they like to give you a lot of different looks. They have a lot of packages. The other thing is they're extremely well coached, if you watch them. In our break down wheels you can see certain formations they play one way, certain formations they play totally different. It's not just random do things. They're extremely well coached. The players are smart. They recognize sets and they do a great job of coaching."

On if he expects a lot of blitzing early:

"Yes. I think they like to blitz. I think they like to come. That's what you have to expect."

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