Eagles Quotes: Andy Reid and Brian Westbrook

Andy Reid and Brian Westbrook participated in a conference call yesterday. Here is a transcript:

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid

On who is returning punts this weekend:

"Reno Mahe (RB, #25)."

On how much thought went in to picking Reno Mahe (RB, #25) to return punts:

"It's what I said before. It was completely my responsibility. I put guys in a bad position. I had nobody to look at other than myself. I had to make sure to take care of business there and so I brought Reno back."

On what he has seen from the Redskins:

"I like their football team. Coach (Joe Gibbs) has put a great team together and filled in some spots that they felt they needed. I thought they played excellent football throughout the preseason really. They really put together a nice, solid football game against Miami."

On if he has seen Jason Campbell (QB, #17) grow as a quarterback:

"He's another year older in that offense and it shows. He looks like he has command of it. He made some nice throws on the move. He looked very accurate. He had the one that he would like back early in the game, but after that I thought he settled down and did a nice job."

On how different the Redskins defense looks this year:

"I think they look pretty good. Not that they haven't in the past. Gregg (Williams- Assistant Head Coach, Defense) does a great job with that crew. He has some talent in there at the linebacker position. I like the talent they have in there. The young safety (LaRon Landry, S, #30) is an explosive player."

On if he was surprised Shawn Springs (CB, #24) did not play much versus the Dolphins and does he expect to see him on Monday:

"Shawn is a good player and he's been a good player. They have a situation there where they have good corners. I'm sure Shawn is going to play more. Smoot's (Fred, CB, #27) a pretty good corner too. They have a good situation there with their cornerbacks."

On if Brian Westbrook's (RB, #36) role continues to evolve with the offense:

"I'd say yes. He's a big part of the offense and he realizes it. He knows we're going to try to get him the football a lot of different ways. He works very hard at his game that way."

On how soon after Brian Westbrook's (RB, #36) rookie year did they realize they had someone special:

"I said this his rookie year. I said I've never seen anybody pick this offense up from that position as fast as he did. That's allowed us to do more things with him. Not only is he a good football player, but he's very, very smart. He just has a nice feel for this whole thing."

On if he expects Donovan McNabb (QB, #5) to take a big step forward with one full game already under his belt:

"We thought it was important that he got that game in, a complete game. That's the word there, complete. He didn't have the opportunity to get a full game in, and that was my decision, during the pre-season. The most he played was a half. For him to have that confidence after going through that game, I thought was important. Likewise, with Shawn Andrews (G/T, #63) and L.J. Smith (TE, #82) they had the opportunity to get in there and play."

On how concerned he is in general about teams spying and what the Eagles do to protect themselves:

"I know they showed our guys on the sideline holding up a towel and that whole deal. You think it goes on. You don't know for sure, but you think it goes on, so you take precautionary measures and you go from there. That's what we try to do."

On if he has ever had a game where he felt like the team knew more than was ever possible just by watching film:

"I think we've all had those games, all the way back to high school, when you go, ‘this crew knows exactly what they're doing.' That normally means they're out playing you. I can't tell you that I haven't felt that way in the NFL. Team's have your number sometimes. I'm not sure it's because they've got the signals, it's because they're executing well and getting after you."

On Tony Hunt (RB, #29):

"Tony's done a good job. He had a good preseason. He ran hard. He's a big guy and he did a nice job for us."

Philadelphia Eagles Brian Westbrook (RB, #36)

On Donovan McNabb's (QB, #5) performance versus Green Bay:

"He did good for a guy coming off of an injury. He had a major knee injury and he is nine months out of the surgery. He knows, as well as we do, we just have to play better as a team and as a unit. That includes him, and that includes a lot of other people too. We'll definitely play better this week."

On what didn't work for the Eagles last week:

"We never really got in o a rhythm last week. Green Bay's defense didn't do anything different than we thought they would do. We just never really got into a rhythm. For a team that strives to get into a rhythm early in a game, for us not to be able to get into that rhythm it kind of slowed us down a little bit."

On if he sees a different Redskins' defense on the field this year:

"To be honest with you, I think they're a lot improved defense. They have the guys on there that can get it done. They have good players at pretty much all the positions. Their corners are very active and very athletic and fast. The safeties are big and strong physical guys. The linebackers are much improved from last year. The D-line has been doing a great job so far. We have our hands full and we have to go out there and try to be productive early on downs and early on series so that we can get into a third and manageable down distance."

On if the Redskins' defense gave up some passes that make him excited:

"We try to get some mismatches on the linebackers and the safeties and that's the one thing that we try to do, no matter who we're playing against. Hopefully we'll be able to get those match ups. You can tell that they have such athletic players in those positions, being linebackers and safeties that it's going to be harder for us this week. We're going to try to get the matches the way we want them whenever we can."

On if his role is still evolving in Philadelphia's offense:

"I think a little bit. I think I'm going to catch the ball in the backfield. I think I'm going to run the ball some. That's basically what I'm going to be able to do and hopefully I'll continue to bring those things to this offense. This offense, hopefully, should continue to get better."

On if he has talked to his brother Byron Westbrook (Redskins CB, #34):

"Yeah I talked to him yesterday. Actually I saw him yesterday and Monday. He's down there working."

On what advice he gave Byron Westbrook (CB, #34) going into training camp:

"I just told him to go out there and be the best athlete that he can be and to play a lot of other things. You can make a football team on special teams or you can get cut from a squad for not playing on special teams. I told him to go out there and be the best cornerback that he can be, but also be very active in special teams, and he was able to earn a spot on the practice squad."

On Byron Westbrook's (CB, #34) going from a Division III school to an NFL practice squad:

"It's a very big jump. He did a great job of doing that and working his butt off to get in that position. Now he has to continue to work hard and continue to get better every day, so that hopefully at some point during this season or next season he'll be able to make the active roster."

On if he thinks Tony Hunt (RB, #29) can make a contribution to the offense this year:

"I think Tony will definitely contribute to this offense this year. Sometimes when you're a rookie you have to buy the time a little bit until you get the right opportunity and that's what Tony is doing now. He'll definitely contribute to the offense this season."

On Kevin Curtis (WR, #80):

"Kevin is a very fast receiver and a guy that knows how to get open. He's been doing it for years in St. Louis. He knows how to make people miss and how to wiggle open in different coverages, especially man. He has the athletic ability of a wide receiver and the big play ability at wide receiver that we definitely needed."

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