Conference Call: Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell participated in a conference call yesterday about the Eagles Game. Here is the Transcript:

On how excited he is about Monday night:

"We're excited. It's a lifetime opportunity to get the chance to play on Monday night. The whole world is watching. To have the opportunity to go out there and perform in front of all your friends and family, it means a lot. At the same time, it's a division game so you put extra emphasis on it. We just have to get ready to play and stay motivated."

On if he has memories growing up of watching Monday Night Football:

"Yeah, I used to get in trouble a lot trying to stay up too late and watch it. Overall, it's a great opportunity and we're really excited about this."

On how he feels about this being the first time people outside of the area get to see him play:

"I just want to go out there and play within myself, not try to put any extra emphasis on it because it's a Monday night game. I just want to go out there and play within myself and do the things we've been doing to this point to get where we are as a team. For myself, I just want to continue to work and not try to go out there and force the issue or force to make plays because I know everyone is watching. It's still a big game. We just have to get ready to go out there and play a game. Philly is a great team. They have a tremendous defense. Guys run to the ball and they make a lot of plays. They have McNabb (Donovan, QB, #5) at quarterback and anything can happen. He's a big time play maker, so we have our hands full."

On if he felt like he forced the issue on his two interceptions versus the Dolphins:

"Not the second interception. The second interception was a one-on-one shot with your receiver and DB and inside we had those shots and we wanted to take them. You're not looking for those passes to get intercepted. Either you hope your receiver catches or it gets knocked away, but that's just something that happens. On the first one, on my first play, the opener, I was probably kind of excited. It was a play we ran all week and I probably forced the issue on that one trying to get the ball to Cooley (Chris, TE, #47). I learned from it. I move on from it."

On if there is anything special about taking the field as the starting quarterback with Philadelphia's quarterback Donovan McNabb (QB, #5) on the other side:

"Being that I'm young in my career it does mean a lot; the opportunity to be in this position. Not many people get this opportunity. Right now I just want to stay focused. That's the main thing. No matter who we're playing you have to go out there and play focused. Like I said, their defense is tremendous. They run to the football and make a lot of plays. We know they're going to come at us and try to make us do things that we don't want to do. At the same time, we just have to stay within ourselves. If we worry about the things that we need to do offensively than that's the only thing we need to worry about."

On if he has had the opportunity to talk to Donovan McNabb (QB, #5) in the last couple of months:

"I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him in the last couple of months. I definitely plan on talking to him tonight. I'll just call him and stay in contact. We'll get the chance to see each other Monday night before the game starts on the field. He's always helping me when I had the opportunity to talk to him, and all the other guys. The other guys do a good job of helping me out on the quarterback side and just giving us their insight and input on things that we can improve our careers on."

On how much he watched Donovan McNabb (QB, #5) when he was at Syracuse:

"I watched him a lot. Syracuse was a team that kept trying to recruit me coming out of high school. I had the opportunity to see Donovan a lot. Of course, he ran the option a lot then, but now he's a pocket passer. He's a guy that's going to get outside of the pocket. He's a dangerous quarterback. He can make things happen with his legs just as well as his arms."

On the addition of Reche Caldwell (WR, #86):

"We're all at a competitive level. We're in the NFL. There's always competition going on and I think one thing that it does is it helps guys get motivated and it also improves the guys around you. You know that someone is always pushing you for your job. Your job is never secure in the NFL. You always have to continue to stay on top of your game at all times. Anytime you can add depth at a position like that it really helps out a lot. Guys get hamstrings or knee injuries a lot playing that position because they're always stopping and going. Anytime you can get a guy that can come in and help if someone was to get hurt or get knocked down for a play or two, you have someone who can come in and fill in and move us right on."

On how he feels to have Reche Caldwell (WR, #86) as a bigger target:

"We have some great receivers. Randle El (Antwaan, WR, #82) made a statement last week and we all know about Santana (Moss, WR, #82) and the plays that he can make. Chris Cooley (TE, #47) is another guy that can make plays. I'm very comfortable with all the guys I have around me. I think we have tremendous playmakers. My job is to just get them the ball."

On Philadelphia having a fair amount of guys banged up:

"They still have experienced players. You have somebody like Dawkins (Brian, FS, #20) that's been in the game a long time playing safety. He does a great job of getting everyone in place and all the positions they need to be in to be in the right spot. It doesn't matter. They still have a lot of depth at positions and a veteran experienced leader back there. It still means a lot."

On Todd Wade (OL, #71):

"Todd's a good player. He came in last year and filled in for Jansen (Jon, T, #76) when he got hurt in the New Orleans game. He did an outstanding job for us in that standpoint. I think that's been his position ever since he's been in the NFL, is playing right tackle. I think it gives him an opportunity to come in and play a position that he knows very well."

On Jevon Kearse (DE, #93):

"Kearse is a tremendous player. He's a guy we're always watching. He was playing with his team in Tennessee and they had a great run year in and year out. Like I said, they have a tremendous amount of players on their side of the ball. We just have to take care of our business." On if the younger defense looks faster this year:

"They look faster. Anytime you get younger players they're always very excited and running to the ball and making plays. If you look at us defensively, Rocky McIntosh (LB, #52) is a guy who is really standing out right now by the way he is playing, the way that he is running to the football. It just goes to show, when you have those guys in they're very excited and they're going to want to get around the football as many opportunities as they get."

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