Conference Call: Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis answered questions today for the media about the upcoming Eagles Game. Here is a transcript:

On the game coming up against Philadelphia:

"This is a big game for us. As far as myself, I know I need to go out and do whatever it takes to help this team win. You can't go up there with a revengeful mind. You have to go up there and play within our game plan. Don't try and do too much just, do what they ask you to do."

On facing a divisional opponent:

"This is an opportunity for us. We want to win this division and this is step one in doing that. We have a big opportunity on Monday night at their home field. We know they are going to come out and give us everything they have, being that they are already down one game. This would be a big win for them and it will be an even bigger win for us if we can get it."

On playing on Monday night and being in the spotlight:

"It is big. Growing up you wish for these nights. You are always in the back yard and if it is basketball it is that 3-2-1 buzzer beater and if you are playing football it is making that game winning catch on the big stage. Monday night is a big stage. We have Philly Monday night in Philly. It has always been a tough place for us to play, so for us to get where we have to go this is a big step for us."

On Eagles linebacker Takeo Spikes:

"He has always been a great player. You add him onto a defense that always flew around and is always a top defense in the NFL and that solidifies that defense as a top defense in the NFL, as they always are. We can't go out there and let one player dictate how we play. We know he is going to be disruptive and we know he is going to make plays."

On the Eagles run defense:

"Their run defense has always been stout. Green Bay didn't have a chance to establish the running game because they were flying around so well. The way they go out and play is to go out and stop the run. If you stop the run and make a team one dimensional it gives you a great chance of winning. They always give their offense a chance to win."

On if he is taking his game up a notch:

"When you are playing a good defense you never want to get shut down. You always want to be the one that can say ‘they didn't stop me'. That is how I feel. I want to come off the field feeling as if they didn't stop me and they want to come off the field feeling as if they did."

On the Eagles winning so many of their match-ups recently:

"You can't make much of it. You can't look back in the past and worry about what they did last year. Last year is gone. They have won 10 of 14 and that's history. We all know history doesn't mean anything. It is what have you done for me lately. This is our first time playing. We need to go out and get this one and not worry about what they did last year."

On playing in Philadelphia:

"Anytime you go on the road, with this being such a big rivalry and a team that has dominated our conference and the NFC recently, it makes it even bigger. We know if we can go in there and get a win we can win anywhere."

On he and Ladell Betts (RB, #46) being able to wear down the defense:

"Anytime you can have two running backs who can come in there and run like that will wear the defense down. You saw that in the fourth quarter and overtime with the finish between myself and Ladell. I think it is good for both of us. Hopefully it will work."

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