Conference Call: Gregg Williams

Gregg Williams answered questions today for the media about the upcoming Eagles Game.

On Eagles running back Brian Westbrook:

"They do move him around a lot. I don't know what Andy's (Reid, Philadelphia Head Coach) formula is for how many touches that they would like to get him in a ball game. He is an explosive back and we have to do a good job against him."

On Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb:

"I thought he had a very good pre season. I tried to watch any games that were on the NFL Network and the coaches copy of tapes that we have. He looks like he is back. Obviously when you watch him orchestrate that offense he knows exactly what Andy wants. He is able to be a coach on the field after all these years in that system. He is back."

On if Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is the most dangerous player he has coached against:

"I would say that Donovan is a special player in the National Football League and he is a special player in our division. I have a lot of respect for him. I thought an awful lot of him in college. I thought it was the right thing when Philadelphia pulled the trigger and drafted him. People were giving Andy (Reid, Philadelphia Head Coach) and a lot of those guys a lot of grief. He has won a lot of ball games for them. I think he is a very good football player."

On the injuries to some of his defensive players:

"All of those guys are day to day. They are progressing very well. Tomorrow is another heavy work day for us but they have moved along pretty well."

On Eagles linebacker Takeo Spikes:

"He is a very good athlete, an excellent football player and a good chemistry guy. I'm sure that they enjoy his firey passion that he plays the ball game with. I know he feels good about the fit of that defense. Jim Johnson has got to be licking his lips to get someone like that, especially healthy. Usually when you have an achillies injury like Takeo did a couple of years ago, it is usually your second year back from that where you bounce back. The few times I have looked at their defensive side of the ball this training camp it looks like he is back too."

On Demetric Evans (DL, #92):

"He has really done well. The more you can do is the kind of position that Demetric can play. He can play either end. He can also go inside and get you out of the game at defensive tackle, which he has shown since he has been here. He has been able to play against the run as a defensive tackle and he has been able to rush inside. His versatility has helped us a lot when you are only dressing seven defensive linemen."

On if Eagles running back Brian Westbrook has become a bigger part of their offense:

"I don't think he has become a bigger part of it. In the last three years he has been a focal part of their offense but I don't know that necessarily it's any bigger."

On being cautious with Shawn Springs (CB, #24) and Cornelius Griffin (DT, #96) in the pre season and how they are playing now:

"They are very good. Condition-wise they are excellent. They are professionals that understand how important the off season was. They had a really good off season and they are both in really good shape. We also have taken the pounding off of those guys which is really good."

On the run defense and how much was London Fletcher (LB #59) the reason for its success:

"He is a large part of it. But not only London but the ability to have LaRon (Landry, S #30) down in the box and the ability to have Rocky (McIntosh, LB #52) play so stout in there. Our whole front eight has played very strong throughout training camp and throughout the first ball game. We gave up a couple of garbage runs in this last ball game. We allowed them to run the football on longer downs and distances because we wanted to get off of the field on third down. I am real pleased with where it is so far. The biggest test is coming up this week. Last year Philadelphia was able to do some things at the end of the game, hold the ball and run the ball when they wanted to. We weren't able to get off the field and we need to do a better job of that this year."

On how LaRon Landry (S, #30) played in his first game:

"Excellent. He made very few rookie mistakes. No one plays an error free game but he played a real passionate game. He sent some ‘remember me' shots in that game too."

On what some common rookie mistakes could be:

"The common rookie mistakes are things where you get misaligned, you get beat towards your technique, have improper technique or leverage. He (LaRon Landry, S, #30) had very few of those for a rookie. He has so much speed and strength that if he does get caught in the wrong leverage or technique he can fight his way out of it."

On if he has ever suspected a team of stealing signals:

"I know it's been done before. I have seen myself on tape before when they forget to cut it out of the coaches copy. Yes I have seen it. That is something that has been going on since pee-wee and little league baseball. Those kind of things happen. I'm glad we are not involved in any of that stuff."

On what its like for him as a coach on Monday Night Football:

"Honestly I get more nervous and anxious watching my own sons and daughter play. You enjoy the stage that it is on but we work so hard and prepare so soundly that you just want to get out there and watch the guys play. I'm really calm on game day. I'm not anxious or anything on game day because I know how much work and preparation we put into it. I get more nervous watching my own kids play because I don't coach them and I don't know how much they know or how much they don't know."

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