Midweek Report

John Keim updates Redskins fans on the injuries, locker room topics, Jason Campbell and the Randy Thomas situation.

Injury report: Redskins end Phillip Daniels (foot) and corner Fred Smoot (hamstring) both practiced today and should be fine for Sunday's game. Safety Vernon Fox (groin) was limited. For New York, receiver Plaxico Burress (ankle) did not practice.

Locker room topic 1: The 2-0 start. It's only two games, which is why the Redskins aren't doing cartwheels in the locker room. They know 14 games remain.

"When you have the season we had last year, the best thing to do is come back this year and start off on a high note," Santana Moss said. "But knowing that you're 2-0 just means you have to keep this thing going."

Locker room topic 2: Criticism of black quarterbacks. The Redskins have one of six black starting QBs in the league in Jason Campbell, who was asked about Donovan McNabb's comments on HBO. McNabb said black quarterbacks are criticized more because of their color. Campbell said he felt he was singled out as a freshman at Auburn and thought it was because of his color. That's no longer the case.

"Playing quarterback is tough for anyone," Campbell said. "You're graded differently than any player on the team. People always knock the quarterback…. We're all in this together and you see guys criticized all the time around the league, especially in big cities. I look at it as a brotherhood situation and not a color situation."

Strategy: One thing that has stood out about Campbell is his ability to run only when he must. Unlike a lot of young mobile quarterbacks, Campbell has saved his dashes for when no one is open. "He seems to have a very good instinct," Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. "He's a natural feel guy in the pocket. Some guys have a knack for that; he does. He makes real good decisions." His willingness to stand in the pocket gives receivers and line confidence, showing that he trusts them to do their job.

Notes: The Redskins still haven't decided if they're going to put guard Randy Thomas on the injured reserve list. He had surgery Wednesday to repair his torn triceps and said doctors told him he'll miss 10 to 12 weeks. However, there's still some uncertainty -- he'll be in a splint for six weeks and then it's a matter of how fast he heals. Gibbs said he'll meet with doctors to decide what to do with Thomas. But there's a chance he'll remain on the roster. The Redskins did work out free agent guards Keydrick Vincent and Rick DeMulling, but did not sign either one. No signing was imminent.

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