Behind Enemy Lines

Giant Insider Editor Ken Palmer provides insight into the 0-2 Giants.

1. Are the Giants really this bad?

You know the old adage that you're never as bad or as good as you look. Yeah, we hate hearing that one, too. The Giants aren't this bad, but the defense sure appears to be. There's no question that new GM Jerry Reese didn't exactly stock the cupboard with talent for outgoing coach Tom Coughlin. Whether or not that was an accident we might never know…

2. What's wrong with the defense?

They can't rush the passer. They can't tackle. And they can't cover anyone. Besides that, they might as well be the '85 Bears. Michael Strahan's selfish holdout is hurting them big-time, because he's getting reps that should be going to Justin Tuck, who established himself nicely while Strahan was on his so-called ‘break.' Outside of Antonio Pierce, the LBs are a joke and the secondary, which was awful last season, has the same cast of characters, and – guess what – they're awful again.

3. Why is the pass defense so bad?

They're old (Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters), over-hyped (Corey Webster), inexperienced (James Butler) and just plain slow to make on-field decisions (Gibril Wilson). Webster is awful at tackling; he refuses to use his arms and always looks for the blow-up hit. The only reason for optimism regarding this secondary is top pick Aaron Ross, who might just start this Sunday.

4. How has Michael Strahan played in the two games? Does he have much left?

Since he was playing so well last year before he got hurt, it'd be real hard to prove that he doesn't have much left. But, despite his arrogance, he proved that no matter how good you are, you can't take off all summer and then just show up and play. There's no question he's hurt them through the first two games. He had one – yes, one – tackle against old friend Brett Favre and Green Bay last week. And the worst news for Strahan is that this Sunday he won't even have Jon Jansen to kick around.

5. Does the team have confidence in Tom Coughlin?

Not really. I think most guys realize this was going to be Coughlin's last year – unless they shocked the world and made something of themselves. Like I said earlier, Reese didn't exactly give TC a whole bunch to work with so he's basically got the same cast that lost seven of its last nine games last season. I said it before it happened, when it happened and will continue to say it until I'm blue in the face: bringing Coughlin back this season was a big mistake.

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