They Said What?

A lot was said after yesterday's big win on the road in Tennessee. The Redskins had some problems early on with injuries, but with the emergence of a new QB in Washington the Skins rallied to win it 31-14. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

Virginia Ramsey, wife of quarterback Patrick, ''I'm on Cloud Nine.''

Redskins QB Patrick Ramsey, ''You know who surprised me are the guys around me. My offensive linemen, running backs and receivers were running around, making plays. We won today and that's what counts.''

Ramsey, ''Obviously I was disappointed with my first few drives. we could not win with only three points and I wanted to score points. I expected to go in there and play as well as I could possibly play.''

Ramsey on RB Stephen Davis, ''He played great, but at the same time Stephen did a tremendous job of helping me out there. He's a guy that's been through it. He had confidence in me, but realized it was a lot for me to handle at one time. He just helped keep me calm throughout the game. No one can question Stephen's toughness. He had more rushing yards after his injury than before. That's a testament to how great a football player he is and how much heart he has.''

Ramsey on avoiding a big head, ''That won't be a problem. I don't get any papers. So I'll focus on New Orleans and not what's being written about me.''

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''Coming into the game I didn't know that he could step up in there with guys flying around him and make throws the way he did. That was crucial. Anybody who says it doesn't matter who plays back there is wrong. He avoided the rush here and there, stepped up and hit a lot of good third down plays, kept drives going. I didn't know he could do that, none of us did. We knew he could look good in practice, but the game is a different story. He proved to us that he could play.''

Spurrier, ''We don't have to worry about who's going to play quarterback for a while. He's our guy.''

Redskins tight end Walter Rasby on Ramsey, ''He thought he was cool and calm, then he would try to tell us about how to make a play and we'd say, 'Shut up, rookie.' We tried to keep it loose.''

Redskins WR Rod Gardner on Patrick Ramsey, ''He was calm. I told him when they first called his number that he didn't have to make all the plays, just rally around us. We'll make our plays if you get us the ball. As an offense we'll be there for you. He trusted us today.''

Redskins WR Kevin Lockett on his TD pass, ''After I dropped it, my reactions took over. I knew it was a lateral pass, so I knew I could pick it up. That's the first time it has been dropped, even in practice. Stephen was wide open when I looked up.''

Redskins CB Fred Smoot on Lockett's pass, ''I could have thrown that! I could have thrown that!''

LB Jessie Armstead on Ramsey, ''He got thrown into the fire. When you are young like that sometimes you don't realize what you are doing, you just go out there and play football like you did in college and in high school. That's what he did today. He stepped up and made plays.''

LB Jeremiah Trotter, ''We knew all along that we weren't a bad team. We have a lot of new guys and it takes time to learn a new system. This week we made big strides and we're happy about that. But we have to get ready for New Orleans.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels on Davis, ''He played outstanding. I thought he tore his knee up and I was disappointed. I said a quick prayer and the Lord answered my prayer. Stephen came back and ran like a man.''

Tennessee CB Samari Rolle, ''We pretty much let a third string quarterback have his way with us today. We didn't make the plays or get the breaks and the Redskins did. The score reflects that and the way we played, it wouldn't have matter who quarterbacked them.''

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