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Every week after the game the WarpathInsiders will ask you who you thought deserved the game ball, and who deserved the goat. We will run the post until mid-day the day after the game, and then lock it down. We will take your answers and they will be published right here! Here are the Game balls and Goats from the Tennessee game.

Gameball: Patrick Ramsey & Stephen Davis.
Goats: None.


man what a showing by the rookie
game ball: Ramsey(erned the right to start)
Goats: since i have to pick 1, I pick trotter, he left his post and Mcnair ran for td.
All togeather a big improvement in the team as a whole

Ah, a nice, complete game. D finally showed up. But let's keep this in perspective - this is a game we SHOULD have won, and did.
Game balls: Obviously Patrick Ramsey gets the nod here. Played very well, made good throws on 3rd down when needed, hit Green for that 44-yarder to ice it, and overall looked poised.
Stephen Davis also earned a mention here. He ran tough all day, even after an injury, and gave the offense the balance it needed.
Offensive line should get credit, too. They played well after a shaky start. Not many penalties, only allowed one sack. Nice day. Smoot and Bailey also played very well albeit against a depleted WR corps.
Goats: Arrington. Didn't record one tackle, solo or otherwise. He has disappeared in this defense.
Hard to think of anyone else - this was a team win.

MrD Manley

Goats: Loverne for falling on Davis...actually nobody. Did anybody else notice that Wilbert Brown replaced Loverne? On one series he played center with Moore at Guard, then it went to Brown at LG with Moore back at Center.

Rat Boy
Game Balls:
Ramsey: 20/34, 268 yards, 2 TD
Lockett: 4 catches, 58 yards, 1 TD, plus 1 TD pass
Davis: 18 rushes, 90 yards, 1 TD, plus 1 14 yard TD catch
Whole Defense: 4 forced turnovers, 4 sacks, 289 yards yielded
Offensive Line: Ramsey got hit on almost every play.

Spurrier, because (A), he had Ramsey ready to play in his NFL debut, and (B) because he remembered to use Stephen Davis.
Spurrier, for not getting Davis the hell out of there once we took the big lead into the 4th quarter.

Smoot aka Deion Sanders in training
Champ Bailey in the 1st half

NCrdskin Fan
GAMEBALLS : Ramsey ... Davis ..Champ & Smoot ..
GOATS : kinda hard to pick.. OFFENSE : early in the game ( for the horrid pass protection for BOTH QBS)
in regards to defense .. Lavar again .. get him OUT of that DE position !

Gameball Award: Patrick Ramsey.
Main Reason: Cannon for an arm and kept his calm even as the pocket collapsed.
Goat Award: After a close decision, Kevin Lockett and LaVar Arrington.
Main Reason: (Lockett) Too many dropped passes early in the game.
(LaVar) Seems to have become invisible on defense. Also, shame on Marvin Lewis for throwing him at the OL too much.

Ramsey obviously gets the game ball.
Davis gets honorable mention along with the Oland Watson for the running game. without it, Ramsey's opening act could of been embarassing.
A quiet weapon should get some recognition: Barker was doing a NICE job. first 4 punts, he had a 43.+ net average on a 45 gross average and some inside the 20.
Trotter was biting on the runs outside and taking himself out of position too much. Mcnair's TD run was one such play.
Flemister and Lockett was dropping just about everything early. Otherwise one of the early drives may have rsulted in more than a field goal. Thought Green had an easy drop also.
Carl powell. He had McNair throw a screen pass right to him. He's never going to make it at WR if he can't adjust to the ball. ( Just kidding about Powell).

Game ball(s): The coaches, Ramsey, Davis, The "D"...I did not see the game but from looking at the stats it was a complete team effort...way to bounce back.
Goat(s): Since I have to pick one, I will pick ME for having been so pessimistic, especially after finding out that Woeful got the starting nod...I had a case of Norvitis...
Way to go team...
I have to give the gameball to Ramsey, even over the courage and toughness of Davis. I've never seen a rookie QB with so much poise and playmaking ability. He played nearly-perfect in his first game.
No goats today--everyone who made mistakes seemed to overcome them and make plays later.

Gameball: Ramsey. Who else?
Goat: LAVAR. Had a couple of good pressures, but they looked half assed. Was nowhere to be seen otherwise.

well as with everyone else gameballs have to go to Ramsey and Davis. Ramsey might be the real deal and Davis is a warrior.
No goats today they did what they had to do and won

john skinsfantx
Gameball Ramsey and Davis.
Goats none .

The game ball to Ramsey and Davis - great job on both.
I saw where Lavar had his wrist and hand pretty taped up, and played injured as well. I think he did fine - it hard to grap when your strong hand is taped up. Kudos to the rest of the team. No goats to anyone.

Game balls: Patrick Ramsey. What a debut. Stephen Davis. Gritty performance!! Fred Smoot. 2 INTs.
Goats: I wouldn't give anybody an all out "goat" status. I thought about giving one to Tuthill for those short kickoffs, but I'm not 100% positive that the high, close to the sideline kickoffs weren't what he was told to do.

Ok...I usually play the devil's advocate and usually point out the weaknesses and bad play of our team, but this post is (mostly) positive for a change.

Of course there is the obvious, Patrick Ramsey played very well, especially considering it was his first start. He had great composure and did not panick all day. I was impressed by his ability to avoid the rush and make the throw. The knock on Ramsey is that he is not quick, and cannot scramble. Well, there is a difference in being able to run like McNabb or just having the ability to feel the rush and step-up and throw. (Of course having both would be great) But...Ramsey did show on Sunday that he has the latter trait. I cannot say enuff about his poise today.

How come our reciever's looked to be open most of the day? They ran better routes, and got some separation for a change. Ramsey rifiling the ball in helped as well here. Of course the naysayers could say that we played against one of the worst secondarys in the league (which is true). I just hope the good WR play today continues to grow. Lockett has the ability to make big plays, I hope he stays in the starting lineup. Honorable mention to the catch by Jacquez Green on that long bomb. I'm very happy that we didn't have a myriad of those dump-off passes to Davis for 3 yard gains...we finally threw to our Wideouts !! Woot!!

Davis...what can you say? He is a warrior. The guy played with a strained MCL, and played WELL. Nothing more to say here, the formula is simple...give the best player on the field the ball often, and you have a greater chance of winning. =)

As for defense. We didn't look all that great in the first half. We missed tackles, and were out of position early. I'm not going to beat to death our Inability to stop the running QB. But, in the second half, it was a different story. We played like the defense is capable of playing. We wrapped up tackles, and played sound, gap responsible defense. Kudos to Champ and Smoot. Was is me, or did the CB's seem to play tighter in the second half? The first half they seemed to be their normal 10yds off at the snap...

Special teams was OK. Coverage was good. Tuthill is very inconsistent on kickoffs...some long, some short. Overall, acceptable performance from this group...although we do tend to get too many penalties out of this unit as of late. The holding call in particular is killing our field position.

I'm happy about the way the Skins played today. Lets see how we do against the Saint's that have yet another Running QB in Brooks, and an excellent RB in McCallister. If our defense can "limit" them, I'll lay off Lewis scheme for awhile =).

I do have one last question:

Why was Betts inactive again? Its embarassing that our 2nd round pick is not even suiting up most weeks.

Gameballs: Patrick Ramsey for proving me right , Stephen Davis for being gutsy as hell, Kevin Lockett for stepping up when given the chance to start, and the defense for not folding and not losing intensity after the offense got them the lead. Also, the defense gets a second gameball for forcing turnovers for once! A rarity in the past decade of Redskin defenses.

Goats: Well, I will say that David Loverne gets a goat for being a clumsy oaf who does something dumb at least once or twice a game. But even he didn't look too bad.

Game ball to Ramsey. His play at QB over what Danny would have given us won this game. SD for playing on a sprained knee.
Another to the secondary. Corners were outstanding and it looks like Iffy is coming in for Shade on passing downs which is good.
Goats? LA had another disappearance. Marv for smashing him into the Oline all day.

Gameball: Ramsey, Davis, Watson, Doering - huge third down catches.
goats: Champ - 1st half tackling, Trotter - still out of position, Lockett - drop a few in the first half, Loverne - just isn't good enough to be a starter

Game balls: Ramsey, of course - don't let it go to your head, kid.... Also Davis, Gardener (who was a beast on the D line, did you see him run down McNair scrambling?), Armstead. Terrell had a good game.

Goat: Loverne maybe for injuring the franchise back. Nobody was really terrible, but I've seen Jansen, Arrington, Rasby and Flemister play much better than they did yesterday. I thought it was interesting that Spurrier gave his O line a game ball because in the first 25 minutes of the game they were brutal. They did get better, but this is still a major team weakness.

I would say Jesse Armstead deserves a gameball if anybody does. He seemed to be in on almost every defensive play, whether it was a key tackle, a QB sack or a forced fumble when the Titans were driving towards our goalline.
What a fantastic pickup. We've got him for three years at $1million per year or thereabouts. That's the steal of the century :-)

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