Conference Call: Rod Marinelli

Rod Marinelli answered questions today for the media about the upcoming Redskins and Lions Game. Here is a transcript:

On the importance of last week's fourth quarter win over Chicago:

"It was big, just finishing games. That is what we are supposed to do."

On Detroit fans:

"They are great fans, tremendous. It's our job to get them in the game. The better we play, the more they are going to get into."

On Mike Martz:

"I thought we had some excellent skilled athletes here. I thought the number one thing we should do is utilize talent, and he is the number one guy to be able to do that. I want to be aggressive and I want to attack and that is important to me. I want to turn the attitude around. I don't want to play soft. I want to go get it. I thought he was the best guy out there to get."

On Paris Lennon (LB, #53):

"He is really a heck of a player. We got him from Green Bay a couple of years ago. He is tough as nails, which you have to have that as a middle linebacker. He is smart and has great awareness and is a strong leader. He really brings a lot to us. He is a complete package in there for us."

On Jon Kitna (QB, #8):

"His leadership ability is the impressive thing that a lot of people are missing. That position is about leadership, you can take everything else and throw it in the can. He is accurate and a leader. Without a leader in that position, it's hard to turn a team around. That's what he brings to us. Add in that he is a heck of a performer, a savvy veteran and extremely bright. He is playing that way. We feel very fortunate he is on our side."

On shutting down the Lions offense:

"I just believe, as a coach, you just do what you do. That's the most important thing for me. That's what we do. Whatever we practice, our fundamentals, our base, and do what we do. We go out and practice. You can't get overly concerned with your opponents. Just do what you do."

On if he is satisfied with offense right now:

"We are always looking to improve. I'm not concerned with a record right now. I'm just interested in the next snap and these guys competing and getting better, and improving. Whatever we have done, keep it in the rear. I don't care about the rear and you have to understand that. I don't care about the rear. I care about what we are doing now, and that's improving. You keep the rear and I'll keep improving."

On the Redskins offense:

"I see a well-coached football team. An extremely physical team, and I respect those coaches. They know what they are doing on offense and are very physical and I respect that. You are always worried about the threat of those receivers. We understand what we are getting into and respect what we are getting into. I respect those coaches."

On if he thinks he will have Calvin Johnson (WR, #81) this week:

"We will have to wait and see. He is a very good player."

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