Press Conference: Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs answered questions today for the media about the upcoming Redskins and Lions Game. Here is a transcript:

On Wednesday's practice:

"Santana (Moss, WR, #89) didn't take anything. Clinton (Portis, RB, #26) was limited, he took some work. Last week when I talked to you I talked about that being tendonitis, because I really thought that's probably what was aggravated, but it's a different spot on his knee, which is probably good. He took limited work. Sean Taylor (S, #21) took limited work. Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) got kicked so at that point in practice he missed some stuff. Smoot (Fred, CB, #27) was full go."

On his concern level on Clinton Portis' (RB, #26) knee:

"Clinton will be fine. He took limited work. He took some stuff in the team work. I feel good that it's not tendonitis which I was worried it flared up, which that thing could go weeks and weeks and weeks. This, I think is just a different spot and I think we're okay there. I think he'll take more as the week goes. It's not a sprain."

On when Santana Moss (WR, #89) is going to push practicing:

"It's up to him. Today he took some running over there. I think it will just be up to him. He has a real good feel. He's had hamstrings and stuff in the past and we kind of leave it up to him. He took some running and some stuff over there on the other field. I think it will be up to him as to what point he'll be ready to practice and stuff. It will just be whenever he feels good. We don't want somebody out there that's not ready to roll."

On Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz:

"I think he's much smart than I am. The people that have been around him think he's a very unusual guy and he can just design stuff and it's going to work. He's very creative, like I talked about. He tries some things that I look at and I'm like gosh. It's kind of amazing some of the stuff he does and gets done. He's got a good group to work with too right now. He has some real talented receivers and his quarterback seems to get it and really enjoys what they're doing. It will be a real handful for us. We're going to have to match up against one of the best passing attacks in the League."

On if Mike Martz is the closest thing to Don Coryell in the League right now:

"What was always amazing about Don (Coryell) is he was creative and will try anything; change the snap count and do stuff like that. Mike's probably a lot like that, not afraid to try something different, do something different. Whereas most coaches, we're much more paranoid than that. We're afraid to try something like that. You have to know when you go up against him you're going to be tested because they do a real good job in what they do."

On how much pressure the Lions scoring 34 fourth- quarter points against the Bears puts on the Redskins offense:

"Anytime you go against a real good offensive team the pressure goes up on both sides of the ball. You have to play great on defense, but you would also prefer to keep the ball yourself. Against the Bears, the tough thing there is the Bears couldn't get anything done on offense. They really dominated the line of scrimmage. They averaged about three yards a rush. They're a real good rush team, Chicago is. They were physically getting after it. It was impressive, so you have both sides of the ball. They're 3-1 for a reason. You have to think this one will go right to the last play, like our other games have been."

On if Santana Moss (WR, #89) does not practice this week could he still play Sunday:

"It's up to him. He would have to, by the end of the week, be feeling better. I wouldn't rule that out. He has a real good feel. In the past he's said, ‘hey look, I think I'm fine,' by Friday, so we'll just have to wait and see."

On the seriousness of Sean Taylor's (S, #21) injury:

"It's just a nagging thing. I think it's been there. It was the week before the break and he played with it, so I don't anticipate a problem there."

On the Lions having three players with 20 catches each already:

"First of all, you have to look at where all those guys were picked and taken. They're top, first class guys. It's not a mistake, they're real talented. They've done a real good job. Matt's (Millen, Lions President and CEO) done a good job there, with Rod Marinelli (Lions Head Coach). He's the perfect guy to come in there with the Tampa style defense, which is very, very good and organized. They know what they want to do over there. What they have going there right now is a good deal on defense and a good deal on offense and they're special teams too. They're all the way across the board. It shows that they're well coached. They've done a good job putting a real good coaching staff together and I think it's showing up on the field."

On only have two receivers who have caught passes:

"Of course Chris (Cooley, TE, #47) is a big part of that. We kind of feel like, you never know from week to week what's going to happen from a receivers standpoint. Certainly I don't think anyone would have guessed that Randle El (Antwaan, WR, #82) would have that many catches right now. You never know because the reads take you certain places. Sometimes when you design things to try and get it in one direction the defense takes that away and you go somewhere else. The key there is to have real good receivers and be balanced all the way across the board. Jason's (Campbell, QB, #17) going to read it out and where he goes, he goes. Whoever gets the chance has to make the play. We've had a number of things where we were going to try to get it to Cooley (Chris, TE, #47) and it hasn't worked out. It wound up going to somebody else."

On how much further along Andre Carter (DE, #99) is this year than last year:

"To me he's one of the best trained athletes, like I've said over and over again. He's off to a real good start this year. Generally with him what happens, is what I saw last year, just from being around him, the time I've been with him, he gets better as the year goes because he has such great conditioning. Most guys will wear down. He's more accustomed to what we're doing. He and Gregg (Williams, Assistant Head Coach- Defense) have a great relationship. He has a great motor and goes hard. He never says a word in practice. He's first at everything. I would say he's further along for sure. He's a gifted athlete so he's capable of making plays there. If there's any one thing, when you go from playing linebacker, we had to project it, where he was going to be. Putting him back there probably takes some time to get accustomed again to having your hand on the ground. He's a real strong family guy, so probably being settled, spending a whole year here, he's probably a little bit more comfortable there too."

On Derrick Frost (P, #4):

"With Derrick and with Shaun (Suisham, K, #6) right now, we have two young guys there. At the time we weren't even looking and all of a sudden we had him and Tupa (Tom) and everything that happened there. Right now he's a lot more consistent than what he was then. That's the key. That probably comes with confidence. If you watch with kickers and with punters it's bounce around, bounce around, bounce around. Then when you stick some place and get a little confidence then it's like a 14 year deal. I hope that's the way it's going to be here."

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