Game Blog: Redskins 34, Lions 3

Rich Tandler offers his insight with a game blog about the game versus the Lions.

First Quarter

14:35—I like the quick slant to Randle El to start things off, but Campbell led him a little too much. He might have gone a long way had JC hit him in stride.

11:28—Three straight first downs for the Redskins, good opening drive going. They didn't finish off a similar strong opening advance two weeks ago, let's see how they do here.

7:34—Loss of 11 on a botched snap aborts the nice drive this time. The good thing is that Frost didn't boom the punt into the end zone and the Lions will start from their own 10. Still, half the quarter burned for what now appears to be nothing. The Redskins need to be able to take advantage of the field position.

5:37—The D got off the field in a hurry. After an initial first down, Philip Daniels blew up a run up the middle and then Griffin got a sack thanks to good coverage by the secondary. Good field position at their own 36.

5:04—It's second and about a half a yard. Will the Skins go deep with a "free" down?

4:38—Nope, it was Sellers right up the gut. That's OK, but they're going to have to test the secondary.

4:04—OK, they just went deep to Thrash on first down. Why not do that on second and one?

3:26—The Lions are getting some pretty good pressure on Campbell. He's been unable to stand in the pocket and throw. It's coming from the ends, Edwards and White.

3:14—Ed Hochuli is the best referee going. He explains rules, like scrambling out of the pocket and then going back in, that others just let ride.

1:10—Nice hit on the pass by—Demetric Evans? Back in coverage, he knocked the ball out of Calvin Johnson's hands with a well-timed blow. The DB's could take a few pointers. Evans got a tip that London Fletcher picked off against the Giants. He's developing a nice little niche on this defense.

End of first quarter—Redskins 0, Lions 0

Second quarter

14:11—Campbell can flat-out fire the ball in there with the best of them. OK, maybe not Favre, but JC showed a rifle with on a 13-yard pass to Randle El.

11:09—Not much going with running up the middle for the Redskins. Or outside, for that matter. This one could well be on Campbell's shoulders.

10:00—I like the Redskins a lot better with a first down between the 10 and 15 than I do a first and goal at the three. They seem to open things up more when they're further back. Inside the five everyone knows that they're going to run, run, run.

8:17—It doesn't look like the Lions watched the game film from the Giants game. TD to Cooley, same play, same spot, same end zone as two weeks ago.

Cooley 7 pass from Campbell (Suisham kick)
Redskins 7, Lions 0

8:17—Eighty-yard drive in 14 plays. The best defense against the Lions offense—yes, it's a cliché, but that's because it's true—is to keep them on the sideline.

8:11—Now Detroit has second and one. Bet Martz has them go deep.

7:40—OK, a simple handoff to Tatum Bell for the first down.

7:03—I love Marcus Washington's enthusiasm, but he was celebrating and signaling a fumble recovery while the ball still was live a few feet away from him. Detroit recovered and although the Skins stopped them there, they lost a lot of field position.

5:55—It's going the Redskins' way so far. They're controlling the ball and the clock and they're getting enough pressure on Kitna to throw the Lions' offense off kilter. The thing is, though, that Detroit is one big play away from a tie game.

4:32Mike Sellers truly was a weapon on a seam pass, a blunt instrument that pounded safety Kenroy Kennedy into the ground. To Kennedy's credit, though, he did trip up the raging bull enough so that help could arrive and prevent a bigger play.

3:03—Going for it on fourth and two? Or do they line up for a "no play"? They burned a time out, so they'll probably take the five yards if the Lions stay onside.

2:34—Gotta love that, 37 yards down inside the one on fourth and one. Take a play or two to score here, don't leave the Lions any time to retaliate.

1:56—Sellers made big plays to get them there, he deserved the TD.

Sellers 1 run (Suisham kick)
Redskins 14, Lions 0

1:56—TD drives of 80 and 83 yards. The running is getting better and Campbell is having his best day as a pro. Randle El already has 100 receiving yards. And something tells me that the Redskins won't be letting up any in the second half.

1:39—Randle El is on the sideline with a hammy. McCardell forced into action, still no sighting of #85.

1:39—That's clearly a fumble that they're reviewing. The Redskins have a shot at putting this one away, or at least making a Lion comeback very improbable.

1:39—I have to buy the reversal, although I didn't see McIntosh go out of bounds before recovering.

1:30—Good play by LaRon Landry to bat away a third-down pass rather than try for the interception. He really wasn't in position to make a play on the ball.

1:15—A bit of a challenge being thrown down by the Lions. They called time out twice, apparently thinking that the Redskins won't be able to mount a scoring drive. It doesn't look like the Redskins are being overly aggressive, but we'll see here on third down.

:53—They like that direct snap to Portis, it's been semi-effective although they didn't get the first down there.

0:12—Well, the replay reversal may be a blessing in disguise. It would have been too easy to let up with a 21-0 or 17-0 lead. The Skins know they'll have to play it out, assuming that their collective memory stretches back two weeks.

Three times the ball has been on the ground and three times the Redskins haven't come up with it. They probably were out of field goal range there at the end of the half, but you have to recover the ball when you have your hands on it.

Halftime—Redskins 14, Lions 0

Third Quarter

15:00—Wow, two touchbacks on kickoffs booted by Suisham.

14:30—Wow, burning a timeout on defense in the early moments of the second half. Personnel confusion. And they they give up a seven-yard run for a first down.

13:48—Apparently, they were keeping Kevin Jones fresh for the second half. He's been picking up yards like crazy.

11:00—Randle El out for the game with a hamstring. Down to guys who weren't with the team when the season started as #3 and #4 receivers.

10:18—Welcome Keenan McCardell—20 yards on a reception up the middle.

8:59—Another nice drive going, short stuff, ball control, keep moving the chains.

6:52—Campbell had hit eight in a row before throwing on into the dirt while being blindsided. And a bad miss for Suisham, wide left, giving the Lions good field position. But Detroit hasn't had a sniff of the red zone yet. It's time for a turnover.

6:52—Check that, the Lions have yet to take a snap in Redskins territory.

5:25—A legit pass interference call on Taylor gives Detroit its first play on the other side of the 50.

2:32—A fortunate drop on a shovel pass stalls the Lions' drive. It leads to a Hanson FG.

FG Hanson 39
Redskins 14, Lions 3

2:27—Now M. Washington is out with a hammy. Better stretching exercises, maybe?

2:27—We have a #85 sighting, lined up wide right. Let's see if he can get something in his direction.

1:23—A QB sneak with a long yard to go? Why not Sellers? Don't like that at all.

1:00—If the Skins can clamp down on Jones like they did on that first-down play, they'll be in pretty good shape.

Safety Kitna tackled in end zone by Carter
Redskins 16, Lions 3

:28—A rather meaningless score on the safety as two TD's still puts Detroit ahead, but getting possession back is big. If they can crank out a drive a knock six or eight minutes off the clock, they'll be in great shape.

:10—McCardell pulls ahead of #85 in the receiving race as he now has two catches for 39 yards. The difference is, of course, that McCardell came on for the vet minimum while #85 is getting $10 mil guaranteed.

End of third quarter
Reskins 16, Lions 3

Fourth quarter

14:24—Sellers again, busting up the middle. Hate to say it again, but he's a beast!

13:50—A fumble scuttles what would have been a clinching drive for the Redskins. Detroit's back in a hole, though, with a long field to cover. The offense couldn't finish the deal, the Redskins D will have to.

12:56Roy Williams just made his second catch of the day, his first since Detroit's initial play.

11:53—Ball on the ground, the Redskins get it—but the pass is ruled incomplete. Close, but I don't think a challenge would have been successful. Big third and two coming up.

11:45—Redskins D came up big. Except for the last 30 minutes against the Giants, the tackling has been outstanding all year long.

10:54—The second-string punt returner may have won it, then lost it, then the backup running back saved it. James Thrash, subbing for Randle El, tore off a 62-yard return, and got the ball punched out at the end of it. Then Rock Cartwright recovered at the Detroit three. A chance to put it in the bag for the Redskins. Finally, the Redskins get a ball on the ground at a key moment. Good fundamentals by Cartwright to fall on it and not try to scoop and score.

10:47—Another TD for Sellers, great job of stretching things out by Campbell, buying time on the scramble and spotting #45 wide open just over the goal line.

Sellers 8 pass from Campbell
Redskins 24, Lions 3

10:41—That score made the dimensions of this rout complete. The Lions' vaunted offense has 107 yards, the Redskins suspect attack has 347. Kitna's passer rating through three quarter is 42.5, far below the 105 he came in with. Detroit will pad their total and Kitna might improve his rating a bit with a few meaningless drives here at the end, but so far they have been waxed.

6:46Sean Taylor with the clinching pick, a wounded duck thrown up by Kitna. The return to the 30.

5:00—Clinton Portis is a football player, one hard-running SOB. He gets an additional 4-5 yards after contact almost every single run.

FG Suisham 28
Redskins 27, Lions 3

3:00—Detroit is heading to 0-21 lifetime in Washington for the Lions. That's one of those streaks that defies explanation.

1:50—The Lions are in no hurry, huddling up with the clock ticking away after converting a fourth and short. Strange.

:45—Carlos Rogers with the pick six to put another blob of icing in the cake.

Rogers 61 interception return (Suisham kick)

Final score: Redskins 34, Lions 3

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