Chris Doering Chat Transcript

A big thanks to Redskins WR Chris Doering for taking the time to discusss his views on the season, and for coming back after a much needed win. Enclosed is the chat transcript for those that didn't make the chat and for those that just want to relive the experience.

Bleachers: Chris, delighted to see you get a few balls on Sunday. You are fast becoming my wife^`2019s favorite Redskin. What will be the key for keeping the momentum going from this win both personally and as a team?

ChrisDoering: Well, personally I felt like all along that I coudl do the things I did on Sunday, make third down catches to continue drives and make some big catches in the red zone. For me I just need to have the opportunities. By doing well on Sundays I hope that will bring more in the future. AS far as the team goes I feel like during the off week we got back to the fundamentlas in practice, everyone running good routes and the quarterback throwing to the right spot. If we focus on our responsiblities, the momentum will continue. Everyone did a good job finishing their assignments and it showed.

RatBoy: Chris, what is the team's attitude about the QB situation? I mean, the fans are excited to see Ramsey get a shot, but how does the team feel about having a 3rd different starter in the 5th game?

ChrisDoering: I don't think it mattered that much. Everyone had confidence Danny would play well and once he got hurt everyone felt like they had to elevate their game to pick up some of the slack for having a rookie in there. When Stephen went down we felt like we had to step up really well. We played better as a team and it ended up being arallying cry for all of us. The way our offense works the QB has to take their steps and throw it to the spot regardless of who it is. We're in the same spot that we would be with any other quarterback.

Terry: Hey Chris, glad to have you here. What is the difference between a ball delivered from Ramsey and one fom the other QBs? As a receiver, what adjustments do you have to make to synch up with him?

ChrisDoering: Danny and Shane have more touch than what Patrick has had, but he is starting to learn you don't have to throw it as hard as you can all the time. When there are patterns where he has to zing it in there he can bring it harder than those guys. The one I caught on third and 10 he threw it with a lot of zip and it wasn't a perfect spiral so it was tough to catch. His arm is really the thing that got him drafted and he can make all the throws.

RedskinDude: This may seem like an obvious question: I just looked at Ramsey's composure in the pocket vs. the Titans, even as the OL collapsed, he kept his calm and threw it deep. Do you think this will continue, or did he give it his all for one game?

ChrisDoering: I was very impressed and surprised with the amount of poise he showed back there. When we watched the film we saw him make a number of throws where he's getting hit. If you have that poise and aiblity to stand in there, that's not something you have one week and not the next. He'll get better and better with that as he gets more comfortable. That's what separates quarterbacks, a guy who takes hits and delivers the ball. That takes a lot of guts.

Bleachers: Have you already been looking at New Orleans film? I know they are not rated too high against the pass so what can you guys exploit? What do receivers look for in film study?

ChrisDoering: We haven't watched filim yet. We watched Tennessee film yesterday. We'll watch it tomorrow and look at the beginning of our game plans and start looking for tendencies, when they like to blitz. We'll watch technqieues by their corners and safeties.You want to see what coverages they play and what they like to do, what their M.O. is. You also want to see if a guy is up there jamming, does he like to play physical, does he bail a little bit. How are his feet. How does he like to turn, a lot of subtleties to see how we can run our routes against what they do.

Terry: Chris, Does man coverage bother you, or getting chucked at the line? Which do you prefer to work against, man or zone?

ChrisDoering: It depends. Going into Tennessee, we expected them to play more zone, like San Fran or Philly. They played almost all man and blitzed. That's when you lick your chops, you can take more shots downfield. If you can beat your one guy you have a chacne to make a big play. I like having the challenge of a guy bumping you and having to be more physical with him. It's you and him. At the same time I have skills to play against zone coverages. I run routes and can find spots. I like to make catches over the middle. They each have their own neatness about it.

RatBoy: Does Spurrier have certain situations where he likes to use certain receivers? It seems that other than Gardner, he rotates you guys a lot.

ChrisDoering: That's true. He has certain routes and situations where what I do fits it better or what Quez does or Lockett. He plays a lot on gut feelings, too. That's what makes him such a good coach because he usually puts people int he right situations. He has such a great feel for the flow of the game.

RedskinBlondie: Chris, congrats to you and the Redskin team on this win. Was there one play that got y'all fired up?

ChrisDoering: To me, there wasn't one play. Maybe the most defining period for us was when we started on our 10 and went 90 yards and had a good long drive and a sustained methodical run down the field. We mixed it up pretty well and Patrick made big throws and we converted on third downs. It wasn't one play, but maybe one drive that not only got us fired up but let us know we could do it with Patricdk at the helm and without Stephen in there and that we could be the team we thought we were in the preseason.

CounterTrey: Hey Chris I have a question about communication during the game with the Coach. How much of the audiblizing is done by the QB, and how much control does Spurrier have over what gets changed up there. In other words, who's the real field General out there?

ChrisDoering: It depends. In a situation with Patrick, I think coach will try to get him to check to something more than if Danny or Shane were out there. Danny was an extension of coach Spurrier on the field. They thought so much alike. I think their goal is to get Patrick to think like they do. Eventuallly they'll get the feel for what checks coach wants him to go to and it won't be coach having to scream at him from the sidelines... Sorry to be rude, but I only have time for a couple more.

Bleachers: While I can, I wanted to thank you for being such a good sport and joining us the night after the Philly debacle. Your poise after that game gave me much faith in the team. When are we going to see Chris Doering throw a TD pass? I am betting you could do it without dropping the lateral *smile* How much guff did Lockett take after that?

ChrisDoering: Thanks! It's funny, at Florida I threw quite a bit on plays like that. That play Lockett threw, we had a similar one in the 94 SEC championship game against Alabama where I threw it to the 2. Lockett and I were the guys to be in on that play. Lockett was the first choice and I told him about a time when I was at Florida against Vandy and it was a throwback to the QB and I got the pitch and I dropped it and it bounced off my knee and went 20 yards back in the backfield. It took a perfect bounce back to me and I threw it as far as I could to the QB who ran it in for a touchdown. It ended up happening to Lockett, too. It worked out better with the fumble. More people come toward the ball and forget about the rest of the guys.

Terry: Chris, it seemed to me that the team seemed to pass a milestone on Sunday - perhaps a psychological or emotional one, maybe because of Ramsey maybe becuase of the D stepping up, or Davis coming back the way he did. Did it feel that way to you, and do you feel that the team reached a new level last week?

ChrisDoering: I do. We got a lot out of that game. It was a confidence builder for us. It was an opportunity to jell a litlte more. We'll continue to build on the stuff that happened on Sunday. We really needed that outing and the win to get us back on track....Thanks everyone for some good questions. Glad I could talk to you after a win!

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