Tuesday Nickel: Williams Barks at a Reporter

John Keim looks at five current topics concerning the Redskins.

1. Redskins pass rush.

OK, if it was that good Sunday, why not every game? Well, because they don't face the Lions every week. Their next three opponents have allowed a combined 17 sacks -- that's 10 fewer than Detroit has allowed as a team. The Redskins never blitzed vs. Detroit and all but three times they received five-man protections. That becomes easy to beat after a while, but the trick is applying pressure vs. good lines. Their rush has improved this year, but bigger tests await. What does help is that the secondary has covered well, giving the line extra time to pressure.

2. Gregg Williams.

The Genius is at it again. After the game, he chastised a radio reporter for daring to ask him why Kedric Golston was inactive. Williams barked at him and told him he would be "pissed" if he made a big deal out of it. To which we say: relax. But that was also an indication of why Williams would have -- and did have -- a tough time as a head coach. They have to answer those types of questions all the time. Joe Gibbs handles those very well; Williams does not. He honestly thought that, after a 34-3 win, a big deal would be made out of a backup tackle being inactive. Goodness sakes, man, relax. Williams is very fond of Golston and his strategy was smart; Lorenzo Alexander is a better pass rusher. Simple as that.

3. Jason Campbell.

The biggest knock on him coming out of Auburn was his accuracy. For his first 10 starts, the critics were, well, accurate. Campbell was off the mark too often. And his completion percentage was not down simply because he only throws deep. That's not the case. But what he did well Sunday was not just hit his wideouts, he gave them a chance to run after the catch. Campell consistently threw to the correct shoulder, especially with Chris Cooley, and that was nice to see.

4. Injuries.

Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El both say they're going to play. Marcus Washington says the same. We'll see. Players always say they're going to play. Moss and Randle El will be critical Sunday because they're facing a much better defense, one that won't allow so many open receptions. The Packer corners would be salivating over a matchup without both those players in the game. The Redskins are helped in Washington's case with Randall Godfrey. Heck, the Packers throw so much he probably wouldn't be needed; Pierson Prioleau lined up in that spot often on Sunday. But did anyone see when Godfrey did play how he blew up the fullback at least once?

5. Hitting the road.

The Redskins play five of their next seven games on the road, where they've had a non-losing record just once in the last five years. And that just happened to be the season they made the playoffs, going 4-4 away from home. But this group has won two of its last three dating to last year, winning in New Orleans last year and Philly this year. One reason they might fare OK on the road is their makeup. Washington is strong defensively, runs the ball well and is physical on both sides of the ball. With that sort of description comes tough-minded guys. And those are the sort of players who do well on the road.

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