Conference call with: Deuce McAllister

New Orleans knew it had something special in running back Deuce McAllister, which is why they traded Ricky Williams in the offseason. McAllister has produced: he's rushed for 461 yards and five touchdowns. He's also caught 19 passes for 145 yards.

Q: What's your scouting report on Fred Smoot, a guy you know from the SEC?
A: He's a good corner first of all. Fred is going to let you know he's a good corner as well. You have to be ready to play, be on top of your game and don't let his talking get you out of what you want to do.

Q: What did you think when you were drafted by the Saints?
A: I knew Ricky was here. I thought we'd play together for four years at most because of the salary cap. You have to be proud that the organization thought so much of you.

Q: What's the difference in Aaron Brooks?
A: Maturity level. He's in his second year as the starting quarterback and it's his ability to be able to run and pass. He's a mobile quarterback and can get out of the pocket and make things happen. The biggest thing is that he's our starting quarterback and we wanted the organization to take care of him because he's our leader. Once they did, things were a lot better. It was a distraction off the field.

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