Ten Spot Review: Redskins 14, Packers 17

Here is a review of the ten spot and how we did at predicting for the Packers game.

1. We asked: What impact will the injuries have?

Turns out the only one who really missed was Marcus Washington and that had no impact because Randall Godfrey played well enough and Chris Wilson was OK. Washington will always be missed for some things, but it had no bearing on the game. Now, the injuries suffered during the game were another matter. Stephon Heyer is not nearly ready to be a starter; it's not his fault that he is, but when Todd Wade went down, it didn't help. Not that Wade was exactly a world-beater before getting hurt. And Casey Rabach's injury had an impact. The Redskins weren't able to move the ball as well. They also became predictable and had to use Mike Sellers often to help with Aaron Kampman.

2. We asked: Has Jason Campbell turned a corner?

We said yes and no; he executed the game plan well last week. Campbell did the same this week and, surprisingly, was the better quarterback on the field. If only his receivers had helped him out. There were some times he wasn't as accurate, but Campbell was let down by his wideouts. He also went with what was available, another sign of maturation. The more he plays, the better he gets and the more we like.

3. We asked: What should the Redskins worry about offensively?

We thought it was Green Bay's ends and we were right, especially Aaron Kampman. He gave Washington plenty of fits, especially when Wade went down. Chris Cooley sometimes helped here, though when he did it was usually a run the other way or a deep ball. Mike Sellers helped a lot and sometimes even the backs came down to pick up the end. Kampman did not have huge numbers, but he had a big effect. Chris Samuels did a nice job against Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila.

4. We asked: How good are the corners?

They were obviously very good. Green Bay's corners shut down Washington's wideouts, though the drops again made it look even better. Al Harris even covered Chris Cooley on occasion in the second half.

5. We asked: Where should the Redskins attack offensively?

We said the middle of the field. And that's where a lot was available and it's partly why Chris Cooley had nine receptions, some on that seam route. He needed to be more involved and he was. When Wade went down, Cooley still was involved in the passing game. The Pack just did a better job covering him.

6. We asked: What will the Packers try to do offensively?

We thought they'd be more commited to the run. Why? Because that's what the Redskins coaches were expecting. Instead, Green Bay was commited to throwing the ball all over the place. We thought the Pack would struggle if they were one-dimensional and that proved true. Despite the loss, the Redskins' D played very, very well. They took away those slant routes and the safeties were excellent in deep coverage. The D made one mistake and Green Bay capitalized on a long pass down the seam.

7. We asked: Where can the Redskins exploit Green Bay [on offense]?

We thought it would be up the middle where the Pack had to start a couple reserves. They hurt them here and did a good job taking away some of the runs. Of course, if the Pack had commited to the run, that might have changed.

8. We asked: What about Brett Favre?

We weren't sure how they would take away what he wanted to do and also wondered about preparing for someone so unconventional. The trick is to pressure him and they did it enough to force him into a tough day. Again, they took away the slant routes by playing inside technique. And the speed of Sean Taylor allowed the corners to play that way. Taylor covered a ton of ground, apparently more than Brett Favre thought he could. He's an amazing weapon for the Skins' D. Also, we talked about one little chess match in this game, with how Green Bay used their tight end. They line him up behind a guard and take away certain pass rushes. If there's no rush, the TE releases over the middle for an open safety valve. Other teams covered him with a linebacker. Washington did so with defensive linemen, first Anthony Montgomery and then Phillip Daniels. When it did so, the Pack had to look elsewhere.

9. We asked: What's an intriguing matchup?

We thought it would be tackle Chad Clifton vs. end Andre Carter. Clifton is a solid tackle and Carter made very few plays compared to the previous week. He wasn't bad, he just didn't win this battle. Carter made a couple plays backside using his speed. But he was mostly quiet.

10. We asked: Who will win?

We liked the Pack to win 23-17. However, after watching the game, it was clear that the Redskins blew a golden chance to win on the road. They were the better team for all but one play in the first half, yet only had a 14-7 lead, not enough margin for error. They also made way too many mistakes. But the Redskins lost this game more than Green Bay won it.

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