Q&A With: Noah Brindise

No one on the Redskins staff knows Patrick Ramsey better than assistant quarterbacks coach Noah Brindise, a former QB at Florida. Brindise served as Ramsey's personal tutor for his first five weeks, while Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel received much of the reps in practice. Here's Brindise's take on the Redskins rookie.

Q: When did things click for Patrick?
A: He really started picking everything up about three weeks ago. He had a good feel for the offense and he was starting to do things in practice, checking off and things like that. That signified that he was getting a good feel for what was going on.

Q: Did he surprise you?
A: Of course he did. What coach Spurrier said after the game was the way I felt, too. We all knew he had a lot of talent to throw the ball. And we knew he was really smart. But you never know until you're in that situation how he'll respond to the pressure. He had a lot of adversity. Danny went out, Stephen went out and it looked bleak there for a little bit. He responded very well. That part of it did surprise me.

Q: There were a couple plays where he stepped up in the pocket and kept his eyes downfield. How impressive was that?
A: We watched it on tape and that's just him making plays. It's an individual effort. It's a guy having a good feel for the game and trying to make a play and it's something you really can't coach. You try to tell a guy to step up in the pocket and look for people downfield. But that was just him making plays on his own.

Q: Are you surprised at his learning curve considering how much time he missed?
A: No, because he really took it upon himself to learn everything as soon as we drafted him. He's always studied hard. The fact that he missed a couple weeks during camp set him back a little bit. But his personality is that he'll do all that he can to make sure he's as prepared as possible. From the day he got here he really wanted to learn and ask questions and watch tape after practice to try and learn it. The learning curve was never the issue. The issue was always how he would respond when he got in a game.

Q: Did you spend a lot of extra time with him?
A: Yeah, oh sure. Part of my responsibility is to try and teach the younger guys. That was my job at Florida. Get the young quarterbacks, coach them up extra because [Spurrier] will spend a lot of time with the guys doing the playing. I spent a lot of time with Patrick and having him look at certain things when other guys would get reps.

Q: Considering the time you spent with him, it must have been gratifying to see him be so prepared and successful.
A: Oh, sure. Anytime the guy you coach and the guy you help out does well it makes you feel good. I could tell you I had a lot to do with what happened Sunday, but he did most of that on his own. I can't take much of the credit for what he did. I helped him learn the stuff, but he went out and executed it. He had the hard part.

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