This 'N' That from Redskins Park

Redskins running back Stephen Davis did what he often does during the week: he hobbled around Redskins Park. This time his right knee was wrapped in ice after practice. Also, he wore a brace during practice.

Davis only participated a little bit, but coach Steve Spurrier expects him to play against the Saints on Sunday. Davis has told Spurrier he doubts he'll play with the brace. If Davis can't play, Kenny Watson would take his place.

By the way, David Loverne practiced again, but line coach Kim Helton said he still didn't look good. Wilbert Brown would start in his place.

. . . Defensive tackle Daryl Gardener isn't completely healthy and he doesn't quite grasp all of the defense. But that hasn't stopped him from becoming the Redskins best lineman, a statement one defensive coach agreed with.

''Each week I'm getting stronger,'' Gardener said. ''That's what it looks like on tape. I'm trying to get back to being that dominating player, coming off the ball every snap. It's starting to come back. My conditioning is where it needs to be. I'm more comfortable with the defense and I understand where the blitzes are coming from so I can get a little freaky with my pass rush.'' Gardener said he's not worried about his back, knowing it could go out on him at anytime. He can't control that. But he can control how he plays and how he's playing thrills his teammates.

''They've got to double team him,'' Redskins linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said. ''You can't block him with a single blocker ever. The way he draws double teams excites me; it allows me to be a little more freer.''

. . . Rookie quarterback Patrick Ramsey might be the starter and receiving all the headlines. But that won't stop him from his main chore among the three quarterbacks.

The quarterbacks aren't hazing him, as long as Ramsey comes through with his job. ''As long as he brings us breakfast Saturday morning,'' Redskins quarterback Shane Matthews said. ''That's all that matters. He's still a rookie and he's making all the money.''

. . . From corner Champ Bailey on the matchup with New Orleans receivers: ''It's a good matchup. We have some very fast corners and they have some very fast receivers. We match up well. I think we match up better than anyone in the league with those three.''

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