Whispers: What's Up With the Running Game?

The running game seems to not be working nearly as well as last year. Are injuries to blame?

The running game has not produced like the Redskins had hoped, but much of that can be pinned on the right side of the line.

It's not as if guard Jason Fabini and tackle Todd Wade are bad. They're OK, especially as backups. But in tandem they're a major step down from Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen.

In the Redskins' run game, they love to use cutback runs. However, that means one side has to get a push and the other side has to open cutback lanes. Problem is, teams have figured out what Washington is going to do. If the Redskins run to the left, they're getting the push out of guard Pete Kendall and tackle Chris Samuels.

However, the backside of Fabini and Wade are not getting to the second level to create cutbacks. It's about quickness and those two aren't as quick as Thomas and Jansen. That will remain a problem and it's why the Redskins might have to alter some of what they want to do in the running game.

At least it appears that the line will be in good shape for Sunday as center Casey Rabach is probable.

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