Midweek Report

John Keim updates us on injuries, locker room topics and a quote from Joe Gibbs about the run game.

Injury update: Tight end Todd Yoder (ankle) was limited in practice. Returner Rock Cartwright (quad) and corner Fred Smoot (hamstring) took full part in practice.

For the Jets, receiver Laveranues Coles (concussion) did not practice. Tight end Chris Baker (back) and defensive linemen Mike Devito (shoulder) and Dewayne Robertson (knee) were limited.

Locker room topic No. 1:

How do you recover from a 45-point whipping? The Redskins sound as if that loss to New England might be the best thing that happened to them. Or something like that. Since the loss, they've talked about what they must do to improve and how much more focused they have to become. The offense held a players-only meeting in which they talked about recommitting themselves. Is that the answer? Who knows; these meetings don't carry much weight with some players. But the offense knows that they have to improve their performance. " You come to a point where you get beat like that and something's gotta change," right tackle Todd Wade said. Meanwhile, Rock Cartwright passed out T-shirts that he ordered before the Patriots game. On the front it read Washington Redskins with the team's logo in the middle. On the back it read: "When You Are Winning Fight Like You Are Losing."

Locker room topic No. 2:

Old home week. The Redskins have two starters along the line who will be facing their old team in Pete Kendall and Jason Fabini. Kendall claims he has no acrimony toward the Jets; neither does Fabini whose tenure in New York was much longer. But the real mini-battle is between receivers Santana Moss and Laveranues Coles, who were dealt for each other after the 2004 season. Both have made their respective teams happy. Moss is not the sort to want to prove something to his old team; Coles, seems to us, is someone who loves playing with a chip on his shoulder. Thing is, Coles might not even play after suffering a concussion last weekend. It would be the first missed game of his career. As for what team got the better of the deal, it's hard to argue with Coles' consistency. Coles is said to be good with the media in New York, but it's hard to believe he's better than Moss, a personal favorite.

Joe Gibbs says:

"We'd love to have both carry 30 times a game. That's not going to happen. Most good teams last year down the stretch had two good running backs because running backs get hit pretty hard. I'm most comfortable when we have two. Before the year is over, both will play a big role for us. Clinton leads off and then Ladell hopefully gets carries, too. We're not getting enough carries period to make us happy and make them happy."

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